A memorial to the victims of the coronavirus

The Mayor’s Office commemorated the year anniversary of the city’s first death from the coronavirus with a slide show of the victims of the virus on the Brooklyn Bridge last night. The images of 470 New Yorkers — of the more than 30,000 who died — were projected onto the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan anchorage throughout the night. The mayor held a ceremony with music on the Brooklyn shore (video below).

I almost drove off the road when I saw it last night — beautiful and striking and haunting. I had to blink — it was so arresting seeing images projected onto the stone arches.

The images were collected by the city through an online portal as part of the Covid 19 Day of Remembrance as well as the obituaries published by The City, the non-profit news website.


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  1. Thank you for posting the video. I will be watching it. I saw photos last night on Twitter while happening and then in the NYTimes this morning. I didn’t know it was happening and couldn’t find a live stream. Must have been striking to see while driving.