Challah Dolly x Tiny’s + matzo ball soup on Fridays

Tiny’s has launched a pickup service for matzo ball soup and challah from Challah Dolly — a one-woman challah baking operation that has met with huge acclaim. (Her Instagram is also very entertaining.) It’s one of the quirkier pandemic pivots I’ve heard, and I love it.

For $50, you get soup for four plus two loaves. The deal is only available on Fridays and for pickup only between 2 and 5p.

Also, Tiny’s is back open; check the website for hours.

Dolly Meckler started baking challah for fun during the pandemic, and the business took off. This from TimeOut: “A social media expert (she handled HBO’s accounts for Game of Thrones and Westworld), content creator and self-described storyteller, Meckler calls herself a ‘terrible cook’ and had no intentions of operating a business baking challah. But after moving to L.A. in October 2019 to pursue a career in entertainment, work was slow when the crisis hit. She wanted to bake like everyone else but decided to give challah a try after it was impossible to find the ingredients (mainly yeast) for sourdough.”

She is now operating out of her Upper East Side apartment.


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  1. This is so wonderful. I will be going to Tiny’s for challah and telling all of my friends as well.

  2. I live across the street and saw fire trucks there FIVE times and these people should be closed down. G-d only knows how many other times they might have burned the block down when I wasn’t passing and I didn’t see the fire department! Not to mention, my friends live on Duane St. and they get all of their awful chimney smoke in their apartments, which they complain to Tiny’s about to no avail. They are really terrible people!

  3. Yes, let’s shut down a wonderful local business because you don’t want to smell chimney smoke. I’m fairly certain that isn’t the only wood burning fireplace in lower Manhattan. I’m always amazed by the number of people down here that want everything to close and everyone to leave. Maybe it’s time for you to leave.

    • K ….. Reading your response above leads me to believe that you either have very poor reading comprehension, that you are the owner or someone affiliated with Tiny’s or that they told you to post this. In that case, let me explain this more clearly so even you can understand. I personally am aware of FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES that the fire department was outside of Tiny’s BECAUSE OF FIRES INSIDE THEIR FIREPLACE! The most recent one was this past Sunday, March 14. Since I am not always outside or passing by, there could possibly have been even more than FIVE FIRES inside of their place that the neighbors and I did not personally know about. If they cared enough about safety and made sure the fireplace and chimney were cleaned and maintained properly this wouldn’t be an issue.

      This does not surprise anyone in the area since rules do not apply to Tiny’s and they ignore anything that they do not want to fix or take care of. This is not a matter of chimney smoke coming from them. It is a matter of their being uninterested in even maintaining and cleaning their fireplace before they set these beautiful landmark buildings on fire due to their negligence and their possibly even killing people and/or destroying businesses near them. In addition, their chimney smoke is directly under my friend’s window and it comes out of THEIR chimney into HER apartment. It is not coming from anywhere else and they have ignored her each time she complained. So basically, it is not a matter of the number of people that want everything to close or everyone to leave. We only want you or Tiny’s to close, you or Tiny’s to leave or you or Tiny’s to do the right thing. We do not want to leave, we want the inconsiderate people to leave. By the way, based on what you wrote, you seem to know about others that have these feelings about Tiny’s too so there is obviously more to what I am complaining about here.

      • I do not work for Tiny’s, nor do I have a reading comprehension problem. I live in the neighborhood and I enjoy occasionally dining at Tiny’s along with all of the other great restaurants we have. Since you’re an expert and so passionate, good luck with the fire department.

      • K is either not that bright or being intentionally obtuse. Just because you “enjoy occasionally dining at Tiny’s” does not absolve them of fire safety. Them being irresponsible by not properly maintaining their fireplace puts themselves, their neighbor’s residences, and surrounding business’ livelihoods at stake. By holding businesses accountable, we can ensure that Tribeca’s residents and businesses thrive. Fires can be absolutely devastating so why wouldn’t we demand all measures possible to prevent one?

        I believe that Tiny’s is run by the same people as Warren 77. If that’s the case I’m not surprised they’re having problems because 77’s management was a mess.

        • Where is the proof? The word of a disgruntled neighbor complaining about the smell and claiming what she sees out her window is hardly enough to bash a local business. Produce some proof or take it up with the fire department rather than trolling behind the safety of your keyboard. I will defend all of our local businesses because without them, we don’t have much of a neighborhood.

          • COMPLAINTS:
            “CHIMNEY INSTALLED NOT TO CODE” 03/07/2018





            Plus these pictures from two days ago:

            Obviously, neighbors have had complaints for awhile. And why is the poster above a “disgruntled neighbor” instead of someone concerned for the safety of their community? I doubt they have some agenda to see small businesses shut down. It’s seems much more likely that they’ve noticed an issue and hope that attention is drawn to it so it can be fixed and everyone can be happy and move along with their lives. I hope that Tiny’s will be around for many years, while operating safely of course.

  4. Bad mouthing a local business when you don’t know any of the facts is slanderous. You have no idea how they are maintaining their fireplace, or why the fire department may have been there or what they found. The fire department is more than capable of dealing with any problems that they find at Tiny’s.

    • Its public knowledge. Anyone can get a “Fire Incident Report” by simply filling out a form you download from FDNY, pay $1 and either mail it in or walk into Metro Tech FDNY in Brooklyn.
      So you see there is proof for all the fires that have happened in Tiny’s fire place and maybe the most recent one is why everyone living and working around Tinys wants to bring the fire into the spotlight. In the years past having 4 fires in Tinys are why people are writing to say there is a clear LACK OF SAFETY here.

      • You have described a way to get proof, but there is no indication anyone has done this. The fire department is not shy about shutting someone down if they are not satisfied with compliance with the fire code.

  5. Oh yes, the Fire Department caught them so many times at Smith & Mills. Its legendary.

    • At Smith & Mills the limited cooking that they do is on an electric hot plate, there is no fire or even gas, so I am not sure what possible issue they would have with the fire department.

  6. Woah, whoahhh pump the brakes there, no need to drag Smith and Mills into this… geez

    Can’t we all just agree to hate the Patriot and move on please

  7. We surely do not want to shut down Tiny’s, but also we do not want our block to burn down, as there are all historic buildings, with a lot of wood beams.
    I see Tiny’s chimney’s exhaust from my windows, at eye level, and I witnessed most of the fires. Even without an actual fire, I witnessed sparks fly at night when the fireplaces are on, and of course dense smoke is a daily recurrence. I am not bothering to call Fire Dept. any longer as they seem to have a “special relation” with Tiny’s and they do not do anything.
    During the pandemic, the fireplaces (two of them) are not used as often as before. On an average pre-covid business day the restaurant had the fire going for 12-15 hours a day.
    In any case, Fireplaces were banned by law in 2009 and grandfathered in for the existing ones. The reason why they were banned is that wood smoke is cancerogenic and causes a lot of health issues.
    I have restaurants on each side of my apartment, and I never complained about any of those. I understand that living in the City comes with some disadvantages. Takahashi is a very good neighbor as the other restaurants on Duane and W.Broadway whose exhaust to the roof level as well. Yes, I smell tempura and other food, and I never complain to any of them because they are good neighbors, and try to minimize the impact. One thing is to smell food, but it is quite another thing to have recurring fires a few feet from my windows! I am very concerned about Tiny’s being a fire hazard!

  8. To me, and I’m certain to anyone who lives in our neighborhood, these K and especially Reademan comments are obviously being written by Tiny’s owner or someone affiliated with them since there is no rhyme or reason for anyone else to want or need to defend scofflaws like the owners who have no conscience or concern for the terrible havoc and tragedy they can wreak on our block and the surrounding area. Anyone here that is defending them is not just doing it as a fan of their food and because they “enjoy occasionally dining at Tiny’s,” you can be sure of that. Does Reademan they think we are idiots even defending Smith and Mills? What a joke! They are trying to cover up actual facts about how negligent, rude and vile these people are.

    If you look at the amount of violations they have (the link above shows them very clearly) it is quite staggering.
    Complaints 26
    Violations-DOB 8
    Violations-OATH/ECB 13
    Jobs/Filings 23
    ARA / LAA Jobs 0
    Total Jobs 23
    Actions 12

    Obviously even the pictures showing the fires in Tiny’s fireplace don’t seem to be enough for these phony Tiny’s defenders, which to me is quite bizarre and proves they are coming from Tiny’s people. After seeing the pictures and the violations, any sane person living in the area would be more concerned with trying to keep it safe while these other people (or one person with several phony IDs ) are coming up with ridiculous excuses for a restaurant that might burn down the neighborhood in the future.

    Even more staggering is the feeling that many of us have that they may be paying off the fire department and/or inspectors since they have not gotten stopped, punished or even closed down for all of the fires that began in their fireplace. G-d only knows what else goes on in there. These things can happen, of course, but anyone that cared about their neighbors, the businesses and the buildings near them would have done something to stop this before it turns into a tragedy. BTW, bringing up their offenses at their other locations clearly shows that they run all of their restaurants the same way – with apathy, indifference and no common decency for their neighbors.

    For the rest of the people replying here, you may hope they are around for a long time but the rest of us would be quite happy if they left since they have no desire or compunction to ever do the right thing. This is clearly a terrible tragedy waiting to happen and the other phonies who are writing here obviously have a vested interest in taking attention away from these terrible people.

    • So now you have moved on to making wild charges about me, K and the fire department. For the record I am a long time neighborhood resident with no affiliation to Tiny’s, I am not even much of a patron there, the menu is a little eclectic for my tastes, though I did enjoy the oyster platter if they still have it. The idea that this “tiny” business has the financial resources to pay off the fire department is laughable. All I am saying is we don’t know what is going on and the fire department is on it and I trust them to do their jobs and deal with it.

      • My eyes are watery, and I have to use the inhaler, just to be in my apartment. What is the point of having a fireplace going with 60 degrees and sunny outside? Maybe Tiny’s food is not good enough, so they need to use gimmicks to attract customers? Fireplaces are banned-Fire smoke is cancerogenic-Wood smoke is thick with the small particulates, known as PM2. 5, that are linked to heart attacks, strokes, cancer, dementia, loss of taste, and various other ailments. What about a nice gas fireplace? I have been in many restaurants that have that, healthier for the customers and safer..

    • Mrs. Chanusha, there is no need for you to rudely attack people and make wild accusations. For the last time, I do not own Tinys nor am I affiliated with them. My name is Kristin. I have lived in NYC 23 years. I work in an office, not in a restaurant. I support local small businesses, particularly now that they have suffered in the pandemic. I base my opinions on facts so when I see people talking negatively without proof it irritates me. I’m going to leave it to the NYC fire department and I’m going to continue eating at Tinys along with all of the other great restaurants in the neighborhood. I’m also going to ignore your future rude replies, but like Reademan said, your personal attacks have crossed a line.