More illegal parties at 1 Harrison

The sheriff shut down another illegal party at 1 Harrison, the space above Puffy’s, and you can see it was a real class act: serving cannabis gummies to minors that are shaped like Legos. Really.

This from the sheriff’s Twitter: Deputy Sheriffs shut down (again) unlicensed bar/club @ 1 Harrison St, NY, NY, 120+ people, no liquor license, illegal sale of alcohol to minors, unlawfully dealing with minors, health code offenses, 5 charged with various penal law, alcohol & health offenses.

The Cannabrix are Lego-shaped and illegal, according to my “source” — the Merry Jane site. “Each gummy contained a whopping 500 milligrams of THC, which ‘could be a fatal dose for a child.’ Although the Lego edibles contained nearly 100 times the low-end “recreational” dose of 5 milligrams, there have been no documented instances of children dying from THC overdoses.”



  1. These parties gotta stop. We are in a race against the variants now. LEGO shaped gummies I have no words. At least the party got broken up.

  2. The lease has ended and the landlord is unable to evict them because of COVID. This is extremely frustrating for the neighbors due to noise, smoking, fireworks, and not least the huge public health concern.

    If anyone knows how to help escalate an eviction process during this time we would appreciate the tips.

  3. It has been so frustrating dealing with this issue. I’ve called 311 but I don’t know how much that has helped. There would be like 30-40 people just hanging out at that corner of Harrison and Hudson in the middle of the night. These renters have been terrible a neighbor and I really worry that someone is going to get seriously hurt (last summer, there were people literally sitting up on the ledge of the rooftop and were clearly not sober).

    One of the renters drives a bright green Jeep and whenever I see that car parked at the lot across the street from 1 Harrison, I know something is going to happen that night.

  4. Beyond all the concerns noted, there is only one narrow staircase in the house with no secondary egress. With 120 people this is a disaster should fire occur. NYFD has jurisdiction to shut it down.

  5. Open the city up and remove the curfews. These places wouldn’t even exist anymore.

  6. NY Post: “NYC apartment turned into illicit, expensive, mask-free nightclub: suit”

  7. I believe (though not entirely sure) I saw these guys coming out one morning after the last one, bringing boxes of alcohol down and getting into a fairly high end mercedes suv. They had boxes of vodka etc. so it appeared it was the morning after a party. I gotta think if they can buy that much booze they could pay rent. Im in favor of helping people hurt by the pandemic with eviction protection along with helping small landlords; but no one should favor creating a loop hole for morons to put peoples lives at risk

  8. TheNeighbor
    March 25, 2021 • 10:06 pm
    The owner of the building is running the loft party. The SVU you just described belongs to him. These are the biggest nightclub operators in the city.

    There is no eviction. Its a cover story to protect the owner from liabilities. They have been caught serving underaged kids before who died. One leaving TenJune. Another at Bryant Park Hotel.

    The are only fooling the neighbors. The parents can hold them severely liable. They have been caught, and shut down, so many times it’s ridiculous at TenJune, Abe & Arthur, The Oak Room, PM, Greenhouse, SL, Bijoux, Cain, Cain Luxe. They own Catch, Tenjune, Smith & Mills, Upstairs, Tinys, Super Linda, 77 Warren, Ward 111. The list is truly endless.

    The owner of the buildings operate the bars. By the time the city figures it out. It puts 2 more years on the liquor licenses. They are the biggest nightclub operators in the city.

    • Or the owner of the building since 2013 is an LLC (Eisdorfer 60 LLC) owned by a dentist with a practice on the upper east side named DR. JAMES EISDORFER (Eisdorfer Dental Group, 121 East 60th Street, Suite 7C, New York, NY 10022).

      • Thank you James. Now we know but do the powers that be or law enforcement care? Or the fire department?

        • Dixie, It has been handled. They were just caught running the illegal Airbnb above Smith & Mills at 385 Greenwich aka 71 North Moore. You will note with similarly crazy stories falsely claiming, “A straw tenant with a hundred dollars to his name was renting 29.9 Million Dollar lofts” who, in theory, was running the 20 Million Dollar Airbnb scheme. As if.

          The Gindis own the bars, Smith & Mills and Yves, on either side of the front door. The buildings sat vacant since 2010 to repair damage from Greenwich Hotel now on 38 permits. It took many years to repair.

          But the Gindis claimed “Nobody saw 1,000 suitcases go in the front door”. We all know they are hanging out all over the street in front of the door. But nobody saw anything. Therefore, the same owner evicted that straw tenant too? Its vintage Gindi.

          The city knows exactly who they are, and hopefully, it has been permanently shut down.

          • The name “Gindi” (and before that, “Century Realty”) does appear in multiple NYC property records (deeds, mortgages, LLCs) related to 385 Greenwich Street, but not at this building.

      • It is true that Eisdorfer 60 LLC bought the property in 2013, and the LLC is listed at the same address as the dental group.

        • James, this is not a contest. We have known the owners for years. It was not hidden from us.You are welcome to ask Puffy’s.

          It gives me no pleasure to speak to the Gindis bad behavior. However, the simple facts are this is the same evidence in nearly 50 buildings. You are not going deep enough into the records.

          The issue is this is going on all over Tribeca with the Gindis, Century 21 Department Stores, and their first cousins, the Cohen’s, Duane Reade, who own hundreds of low-rise buildings in lower Manhattan. They are fraudulently converting and conveying, where they have been bribing inspectors for years to illegally clear violations. This puts the surrounding buildings at risk. When this is how people are killed. Otherwise, who could be bothered to take the time speak to it. They do work without permits illegally subdividing electrical and gas lines. They bribed inspectors for illegal C of O’s, and make up stories in the press to deflect what they are hiding when they are caught. Its extremely dangerous.

          Tragically, it is what it is. We were also mislead to believe, “They were just some dumb kids in a bar”. We later learned the owners were controlling every 5 minutes by phone. In a dozen buildings and bars. We caught them falsifying the business’s records straight up to the inspector generals. We don’t care what they do. We care this is how people are killed. If they start a fire in a building where they bribed inspectors. It could easily take the surrounding buildings with it.

          Once you realize it is all the same owners, and they are vertical in all of their buildings for over 40 years, and realize it’s the same players in all these buildings and bars with “accidents” and “fires”, and buildings with big red X’s, and the same business owners that never follow the laws. The neighbors can protect themselves. This is the real issue here.

          Clearly, they are very good at falsifying business records, and have game. Otherwise, they would have been caught many years ago. We only care that our neighbors are able to protect themselves. We were nearly killed. Imagine if a fire started a 1 Harrison with all the kids inside, and they were so busy hiding it. The entire block could go up in flames.

  9. We can all read the records. Al and Sonny Gindi died. But we don’t know if this one of their children or the relationship. Or is the dentist a party to the illegal business? Why didn’t the dentist move in? And if it were unrelated to the owners. Why are their crews from Meatpacking running the party? Where did the doorman and d.j. come from?

    Isaac Gindi produced the movie Holy Rollers. Many would say it was art imitating life. Howard was the straw tenant. Not the kid named in the fraud lawsuit. They will buy him a car or give him an apartment to take the hit in the press. Its all window dressing.

    This isn’t the Gindi’s first time at the rodeo. They are major nightclub operators. They have been shut down by the city so many times it’s ridiculous. The problem is they just don’t care who gets hurt. They will pay the fines, and start over again.

    This is vintage Gindi.