New York Law School will host panel on Tribeca’s future Wednesday

The president of New York Law School, which has been on West Broadway, Church and Leonard for 60 years, will host a Zoom panel discussion on the economic recovery of the neighborhood Wednesday night, March 24, at 6p. Register for it here.

The panelists will include Tribeca business owners Lance Lappin from Lance Lappin Salon; David Steingard from Laughing Man (both of whom also live in Tribeca); Tribecan Alice Blank from CB1; Andreas Koutsoudakis Jr. from Tribeca’s Kitchen; Reegan Brown from the city’s Department of Small Business Services; and Andrew Rigie from the New York City Hospitality Alliance.

Anthony Crowell, the dean and president, ran an Open Letter here to the neighborhood, explaining the school’s connections to downtown and its hope to see it recover fully post-pandemic. Tomorrow night, he will give opening remarks to frame the discussion and will moderate the panel. He also hopes to then establish a Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force to identify priorities and advocate for the neighborhood.

The event is sponsored by the school as well as the Center for Business and Financial Law, the Center for New York City Law, and the Center for Real Estate Studies.



  1. What do they want? A BID? Why? Bids are undemocratic and overweight commercial interests over those of residents.
    Why would we as residents be interested in the leadership of this school whose history as a neighbor to our historic districts has been disastrous. Or maybe they are after a rezoning, like happened with the BID in SoHo.

  2. Why did NY Law School refuse to give us (Tribeca Trust) free or just low cost meeting space to organize the community on public space issues? They instead wanted thousands of dollars from us, which we paid, once, stupidly. Never again. It appears that unless they control something, they don’t want part of it. If they were so community friendly, why do they not engage in charitable sharing of their meeting spaces? Look, it is very hard to organize anything in Tribeca without meeting space that is not tied to someone who wants something. We have no “town hall”.

    I suggest Tribecans organize instead in a way that would allow al residents equal voice, on a one-person, one vote basis.

  3. Attending this thing, but I notice that the chat is disabled, which does not bode well for having NY Law School convene anything at all.

  4. i would have liked to attend, but i did not know about this until yesterday afternoon(the day of the event). i could not cancel a previously planned meeting.
    did i miss a notice somewhere?

  5. Hi Madeline, I’m sorry you were unable to join us last night. Pease feel welcome to email with your contact information, connection to Tribeca, and any comments you have on neighborhood recovery so that we can keep you looped on future communications. Best, Liz Thomas / New York Law School