Insomnia Cookies opening at Warren and Church

Mission-driven munchies solution Insomnia Cookies — I’ve been to the one near Columbia University, just to give you a sense of what I am talking about — is opening soon at 125 Church, on the southeast corner with Warren. This will be their 101st store, and their 13th in the city.

While they certainly sell out of the storefront — cookies, ice cream, and cookies mixed with ice cream — their main gig is delivery, and the cookies arrive warm, within a half hour, until 3 in the morning. The company also delivers across the country and caters and has gluten-free and vegan options. They even have a cookie tracker app as well as a toll-free number if you are getting desperate — or paranoid.

More TK when they open up.

(That’s a 600 square feet spot, and it’s been open for at least a decade. No recall here what it used to be — anyone?)



  1. that is great news!

  2. That space used to be a florist. I’ve wondered for years why it remained vacant, but really happy to see a new Tribeca tenant!

    • The florist was actually on the Murray St side of the building. This particular space has been empty and used by the sponsor for storage since I moved into the building nearly 11 years ago