Shoji at 69 Leonard gets a new chef and a new name

Shoji, the sushi restaurant at 69 Leonard that scored three stars from Pete Wells at The Times in 2018 as well as made nearly every (Eater, Grub Street) list of the best sushi in the city, has managed to court a new chef brought over from Japan on a talent visa along with his sous chef.

Shion Uino, who spent eight years at the acclaimed (three Michelin stars) Sushi Saito in Tokyo, will take over as chef when the restaurant reopens this spring, in late May or early June. “For him to come, it was a big deal,” said Idan Elkon, one of the partners in the restaurant — which has always been known as 69 Leonard but will now also have “Shion” on the door.

The restaurant will have a similar style and be sushi centric, but the team is making some decorative changes to the interior now and there will be some changes to the menu as well. More TK when the doors are open.


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  1. Super!
    Another “one-percenter only please” raw food canteen. I can hear a sigh of relief coming down from the ivory towers in Tribeca.

    • While I don’t dispute the outlandish prices of high-end sushi, the restaurant has been a good neighbor for 8 years. No need for such cynicism.