Great use of five bucks: the Los Tacos No. 1 breakfast burrito

Clearly I am the last idiot to get that burrito means little donkey, but now that I’m enlightened, I see donkeys everywhere. And I’ve been meaning to get to this one: the breakfast donkey at Los Tacos No. 1.

I think this is an excellent use of five bucks and I may just start a series — especially if others have something to add here.

Either way, that’s it for this: $5 gets you one skinny but hearty breakfast burrito available in four flavors. The one pictured above is the California, and the veggie was also great. Comes with hot sauce on the side. The burritos are made at the Chelsea location and served hot here out of the cart in the doorway before opening hours, weekdays only. Easy.


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  1. I love their food and the people who work there. Oh, and its very affordable and clean!