The Paintings and Calligraphy of Billy Liu

Yes, that Billy Liu. The chef and owner of Tokyo Bay, which was on Duane Park for 18 years until the pandemic shut it down, has a show of his oil paintings and calligraphy up this weekend, Friday at 1p through Sunday, at the A&C Culture Center at 76 Mott.

“At present, I have not found a suitable place to start my restaurant business,” he wrote, so he has taken up his other passion in the meantime. “In this extraordinary period, my other type of work is in oil painting and calligraphy art creation.”

The theme, he said, is that all things in nature have the same origin and must be cared for and cherished.

The calligraphy is the words of a poet from the Tang Dynasty — Li Bai. “His understanding and admiration of life and life is natural and beautiful,” Billy said. The work is on canvas. There are 38 pieces in total in the show, which was organized by a non-profit that supports cultural exchange between the US and China.



  1. fantastic! i remember admiring some of billy’s work that was on display at tokyo bay.

  2. Wow. His artwork is beautiful. A talented cook and artist. I particularly love the one at the top in this article.

  3. Beautiful work! I look forward to seeing more of it.

  4. I had no idea he was so talented,very cool.

  5. Nice work. The bottom one has a very richter vibe.

  6. Dear Billy
    Our life in Tribeca has not been the same without Tokyo Bay which, you know, was our favorite dining room for so many years. When can we hope for your return?

    And, your art has always been appreciated so we hope that this brings you some success and joy.

    Looking forward to your return.

  7. I do hope he finds a location in Tribeca for his restaurant, my go to favorite.

  8. Seeing everyone’s comments, I am very moved and thank you very much. My friends have always supported and encouraged me, but the biggest difficulty at the moment is that it is difficult to find a suitable restaurant. There are difficulties and risks in investing again, but I love trideca Friends, I will not forget you thank you.

    • Billy! So good to see the news about you. I miss seeing you and hope you and the family are doing well. “Mr. Bill”