In the News: When Beyoncé and Jay-Z got married

E! reflects on the Tribeca wedding of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, which took place in his penthouse in 2008. “A massive tent had been erected on the 3,000-square-foot patio of Jay’s penthouse. A collection of flowers—70,000 of Beyoncé’s favorite white dendrobium orchids, shipped in from Thailand—were delivered, followed by a collection of candelabras and an SUV bursting with AV equipment. Finally, the sedans containing their equally famous guests arrived.”


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In the continuing analysis of who has left the city, The Post reports that the real estate firm CRBE says that Tribeca lost up to 2 percent of its population. “But less well-off neighborhoods took a beating, too — including Brooklyn’s Crown Heights. The area’s three zip codes — 11216, 11213 and 11225 — lost 5,796 residents in 2020 versus 2,759 in 2019. CBRE used US Postal Service change-of-address filings to tally neighborhood net move-outs (taking into account the smaller number of people who moved in) in every one of the city’s 145 zip codes — possibly the first such study to do so.”

The Times did a story on the Dickey House downtown (and got some cool pics of the interior of the bowed back) being renovated as part of 77 Greenwich to house the new PS 150.

The WSJ’s Mansion Global has this video tour of the apartment in the American Thread building with the Keith Haring original, created in 1979 and uncovered during a renovation. Jealous.



  1. My brother, who was a chef at the time of Bey’s wedding, catered some of the event. They actually did a pot luck reception and he helped to keep the food that was delivered by the guests warm. However, he also did the apps and some desserts which were partially stored in our fridge. Apparently, the venue did not have enough refrigeration…

  2. For realz! He said the food looked really good. I guess their friends and family can cook! I need new friends!

  3. pot lucks can be great if well organized . i have hosted and attended some amazing “pot lucks”- michelin guide worthy!