In the News: More trouble at Taylor’s place

CBS2 reports that police arrested a 52-year-old man from Midtown — Hanks Johnson — who tried to break into Taylor Swift’s house on Franklin on Sunday. He was previously arrested for stalking her in 2019 as well. He also just rings the doorbell a lot. He was charged with criminal trespass.

Artists Janis Provisor and Brad Davis’ loft — which was featured here in 2013 — is featured in AD for its ceramics collection, started many years ago with a chance find. “What he found was a wealth of early American art pottery by Cincinnati-based producers like Weller and Roseville. One of the Weller Silvertone pieces Davis snagged—covered in dreamy, impressionistic imagery, loosely inspired by Monet’s paintings—would soon capture their imagination.”

The Daily News reports that Robert DeNiro is backing former Tribeca resident and longtime CB1 chair Julie Menin (who now lives on the UES in Yorkville) for the City Council seat up there — District 5.

The Trib reports that a crew of volunteers overseen by the 1st Precinct, including a bunch from local Boy Scout Troop 3, helped clean up graffiti on Canal Street on a recent Saturday — 310 Canal to be specific.



  1. So the cops could clean up graffiti on Canal Street, but not the illegal vending on the same street? Ok.

    • The police do nothing about the illegal vending. They walk by or drive by, even park right next to it.

      Could it have something to do with the policy on “petty offenses”?

      • Counterfeiting is a highly organized, global crime. They folks on the street are low level runners. The NYPD is ignoring a major, very high dollar value crime, and have been except for the occasional crackdown.

    • Is illegal vending all the watches for sale on tables over there as 1 example? It’s virtually impossible to walk through that area when need be.

      • j, I’m not sure if James was referring to that, but yes, I was referring to that, and more so the apparently counterfeit “designer” handbags for sale. The handbags are commonly spread out across the sidewalks to make them impassable, a problem compounded by crowds of tourist “shoppers”. In addition there are the lurkers gathered on the corners and at subway entrances which their printed lists of items for sale and often whispered words of “Gucci” or “Rolex”. All of this, along with the mad Canal Street traffic, graffiti, and abandoned storefronts and buildings, creates a sense of lawlessness around that intersection.

        It seems like minor problems compared to the greater problems of the city and world, but I fear also that small problems lead to bigger problems (more serious crimes, etc.). I don’t understand how this goes on for years, decades, and the city just lets it happen, in plain sight.

  2. I agree, let’s give the police more to do. They just hang around now all day. Venders (don’t forget subway food vendors too), homeless, get rid of the traffic bureau too, they give out tickets, and get the police to do parking tickets, etc. We need more enforcement!!!

  3. ‘ cops work with boyscout troop’ to clean up graffiti on Canal Street? Is this a crime squad or just the first warning shot from the developers who have been itching to tear down the whole neighborhood for years? Absurd and terrifying. Remember 5 Points in Long Island City? Canal Street is the new frontier for the real estate bonanza. I would like to know who is behind this strange operation.

  4. God! Some of your opinions and comments are just exhausting! How nice about the clean up…nice right?

    PS: I like the vendors…don’t bother commenting as I won’t read them!