New Kid on the Block: Tribeca Barber Spa

Tosho Feratovic has been cutting hair since he was 15 years old — though his career started in Montenegro, back home.

“Our uncle is a famous barber,” Feratovic’s brother, Almir, told me. (He does the translating since he arrived here in 2001 and Almir just arrived in 2018.) The uncle trained Tosho, who then moved to another shop there before emigrating here. “Barbers from the capital, Podgorica, are very famous in their crafts, and they are even more famous when it comes to shaving. They have a very specific style — a one-handed style. They have some tricks.”

Feratovic opened the shop two weeks ago and for now, has one other barber working with him — Benito Vukaj. They are in the old Myoptics space, which closed two years ago; the brothers said a neighbor told them the space was a barbershop a couple decades ago. The new look certainly fits the space. Feratovic did a lot of the renovations himself, including refurbishing the 100-year-old Koken barber chairs that he found on Facebook Marketplace along with the barber pole in the window.

I will let them set the pricing since I was there a bit too early for them to commit. For now: “We put a lot of time and attention into cutting the hair,” Tosho said. “That’s what we do.”

Tribeca Barber Spa
327 Greenwich at Duane
Monday – Saturday, 10a to 8p
Sunday, 10a to 6p



  1. A friend of mine went there recently for a haircut, just cutting hair. The cost: $60.

    • That’s pretty standard these days unless you’re going to a chop shop like the one on Fulton where I think it’s $16 (nothing wrong with that). Gentleman’s Barber Shop on Church is $50 for example.

      Think of it as basically 30-45 min of someone’s time, rent, build-out, electricity, etc. and you’ll see why it gets to $60 pretty quickly.

  2. 60 bucks is steep! That should come with a shave and hot towel treatment. 16 is more reasonable.

  3. Gave these guys a go yesterday and very happy with my haircut. FellowBarber (Soho and WV are closest to us) charge $65 and can be hit and miss depending on who you get. These guys washed and shampooed my hair (which other barbers don’t) and I got a neck and shoulder massage. Looks like hot towels will return post pandemic as they have the equipment. A great addition to the neighborhood! I will go back.

  4. I would agree that $60 is too expensive for a men’s basic haircut, even in Tribeca. Mike & Sons (Church and Murray) charges under $40 for the same. The other barbershop on Church & Park Place around the corner is similarly priced.

  5. Been going for many years to Illya’s Barber Shop — 33 Lispenard St (at Church St.). Full service, but excellent standard cut: $25.

    • I’ve been going there for many years .
      Leo is the best barber around.
      I moved,so I haven’t been there for a while.
      Great guy!

  6. I try many barbers in this area, but those guys especially barber Tosho thay do excellent job and is worth every penny I’ve been coming back for sure just keep working like that.

  7. I want all these small businesses to make it! Come on fellas – I can’t participate in this one cus I am a woman but wait!! A long time ago a barber did shave my head for me!!! Hmmm…

    • I wish as a woman I could go to a salon and get a $60 dollar hair cut around here! I just dropped an obscene amount of $ last week and my stylists were not at the top of the stylists price list (as if!). But feel good supporting local business and worth the $ too.

  8. Delighted to support a local business providing a premium service. I will be back and next time I’m taking my son.

  9. I have no problem with the price, especially if you get the service. After all it’s Tribeca!
    One thing I did mind is that they left their previous place, Gentleman’s Barber Spa, without any notice. They came to work one day, grabbed their things and left. I understand that they are the competition, but you don’t do that.
    Good luck anyway!

  10. I was not lucky enough to get Tosho or Almir. Instead I got the guy in the middle chair who sullenly gave me a mediocre 15 minute haircut without any of the niceties that I got the first time
    I was there, i.e. hot towel, etc