In the News: Seahorse alert!

Hudson River Park’s own Tina Walsh is featured on NBC4 talking about the creatures who call the estuary home, including plankton, crabs, fish, shrimp and…seahorses.

The Post reports that the owner of the apartment above Puffy’s at 1 Harrison (81 Hudson) can lock out the tenant, according to the judge at a recent hearing. “I’m in agreement that action has to be taken and it has to be taken quickly,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler said during a video hearing. The tenant, Kurt David, was sued last month for holding crowded, maskless parties with minors in attendance. “David was not present for the video hearing, nor does it appear he has hired a lawyer to represent him as no court papers have been filed on his behalf to date.” Curious.

NY1 reports that 20 percent of the city’s hotels are being used as homeless shelters, which is the case for three Fidi hotels. More to come on the update there, but in the meantime: “There are about 700 hotels in New York City. One hundred and thirty-nine of them are occupied by homeless people. That means almost 20 percent of the city’s hotels are operating at least, in part, as homeless shelters. Sixty-three of those hotels took in homeless people from the city over the last three months because of COVID-19. It’s unclear when they will leave.”

The I Love the Upper West Side blog reports that the sommeliers from Bâtard and Tribeca Grill have opened Somm Cellars Wine & Spirits at 8 Riverside Boulevard at 59th Street, which is part of the Waterline Square development. Jason Jacobeit, wine director at Bâtard, and Daniel Jung, head sommelier at Tribeca Grill, signed the lease for the space about a year ago, originally planning to open by fall 2020.




  1. A seahorse! Love seahorses. I saw a dolphin in the North Cove of Marina in March. It was a magic moment.

  2. On the Tribeca Grill front, saw some action there yesterday. Looked like they were prepping to reopen. OpenTable shows reservations available starting 4/28, so that could be their target.

    Terroir has a sign in their window that they’re opening early May.

    One White has also made major progress over the past few weeks. Probably opening very soon.

  3. I am sorry, but this comment is certifiable. Putting together a 2005 NY Times obituary and a 2008 marriage license record indicates that Seth Cohen is the son-in-law of James Eisdorfer, of building owner “Eisdorfer 60 LLC.”