Terroir will open early next month

More in the good news department, Terroir, which has been closed for the most part (they opened for three weeks last July) since last March, will reopen within the next couple weeks, hopefully by May 7 or 8.

General manager Emily Ann Wagener said they will start building their curbside structure soon, removing the planters that are there now, building up a raised platform floor to curb level, and adding louvered walls on three sides.




  1. Great to see them reopening, but I really hope they don’t put walls and a roof on the curbside structure with warm weather here.

    The cabins were key in saving diners from freezing during the winter, but they’re not appealing at all during the spring/summer and they’re not as necessary with indoor dining back.

    Zona really has this issue too. Who wants to sit in one of those enclosed cabins when it’s 60+ out and the sun is shining? Their regular pre-covid sidewalk cafe was much better.

    Tables and chairs, surround with planters, and have umbrellas accessible. Simple, cheap, better.