European supermarket is not coming to 310 Greenwich

C. just wrote to say when he looked at Google Maps for 310 Greenwich, a little blue pin popped up that said “Future Lidl.” I don’t need to tell anyone that this is big news, assuming it comes to fruition. UPDATE: James writes in comments below that he thinks this is a vestige of Lidl’s purchase of various Best Market locations, and sadly, I think he’s probably right. Dang.

UPDATE 2: This from the Lidl press office: Our team is looking at a number of sites in New York. We do not have plans to open a Lidl store in the specific site you mentioned. We will be sure let you know if we set plans to open a store in your area in the future.

Lidl (rhymes with needle) is a German cut-rate grocery chain similar to Aldi, if you’ve heard of that one, but maybe more akin to Trader Joe’s — nearly 80 percent of their products are private label and their produce is well regarded. But they also have on-site bakeries and wine.

The chain was founded in 1973 and now there are 11,000 Lidls in 32 countries, but they only opened their first store in the US in 2017; there are now about 100 nationwide and just one in the city, in Astoria. The stores reportedly range in size from 14,000-21,000 square feet, so is there enough for them in that corner spot?? Doesn’t seem so…

Here’s part of their pitch:

“We’re expert product curators. Instead of offering a myriad of brands in every category, our stores offer carefully curated selections that are top-quality and best-prices. So your precious time is not spent sifting through endless versions of products you don’t want… All our stores have the same intuitive layout, making it easier for you to find what you need quickly…You’ll find anything from essentials for the home, such as small appliances or kitchen gadgets, to stylish gear for the whole family, to toys and power tools, to home décor and gardening supplies, and much more.”



  1. Lidl is awesome and affordable. If it comes down here I may never step foot into wholefoods again.

  2. I think this is a vestige of their purchase of various Best Market locations. This location was closed; others were converted to Lidl stores.

    Greenwich Street is not on their August 2020 store opening list.

  3. I am praying that James is wrong LOL! We need this supermarket down here. We need an affordable one.

  4. Honestly, I am praying for this to be true. I hate Whole Foods, and while there are items that can be purchased at Target, I do not by any means consider that a grocery store. I am still mourning the loss of Best Market, and during the pandemic, even the poorly managed Amish Market closed. Why is it so hard to get a normal grocery store to open in this neighborhood? Is there anyone we can write to?

    • Re: “Why is it so hard to get a normal grocery store to open in this neighborhood?”

      Traditional grocery store margins (not 24/7 or convenience) are about 1% of sales revenue. They make profit based on high sales volume. With high rents and wages, along with lower density and traffic here than other parts of the city, it is hard to make the traditional grocery store model.

      It is no accident that Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joes, and Gourmet Garage are located on high traffic avenues at the edges of Tribeca and Soho.

  5. A Lidl would have been so much better for the entire neighborhood than a Cocoon.