A pandemic pivot: The K-Box at Battery Place Market

Was cruising through the Goldman breezeway for bagels when I noticed a handmade sign in the window of Battery Place Market, the small bodega on the east side of the alley, offering what they called a K-Box to go. For fast food, it’s worth a trip over and seemed different enough to merit a post here. I’ve never bought more than a water in there, and I think their usual fare is sandwiches, so this is a refreshing switch.

There are two options for the “main” and several for sides, all of which they fry up while you wait a few minutes (it is not grab-and-go). The owner, the gals told me, has a big Korean market in Jersey and brings everything in fresh every day. It seemed fresh, and fed me for two meals.

The options are bulgogi — thin slices of marinated and grilled beef — or glass noodles with vegetables and come in the box with three options for dumplings, pancakes, a tiny container of seaweed salad and these sweet rice crackers, which are a treat.

Of course I had to be an idiot and gush about “Crash Landing on You” as I do for everyone Korean in my life, and they were nice enough to humor me for a few minutes.



  1. I agree that Crash Landing on You is amazingly good. You should also check out Mr Sunshine. Also My Mister. Both of these are different than CLOY but excellent as well.

  2. PF Great tip. Thanks. Had the glass noodles and dumplings. Plan to go back for the beef. Good fare for a long plane ride soon