Restrictions finally falling away

After I sat in an empty Citi Field two nights ago — 8000 of us in an outdoor stadium built for 41,000 — I had to wonder just what science is behind some of these state and city coronavirus regulations. But the good news is they are lifting. The state will lift the outdoor dining curfew (another one I never understood, unless it was intended for the upstairs neighbors, which I don’t think it was) as of May 17 and you can THANK GOODNESS sit at a real bar — another silly rule, since six feet still applies — as of Monday.

The mayor announced that the city will “reopen” on July 1, on the Morning Joe show this morning, now that there are 3.6 million New Yorkers already vaccinated. Not sure what that means exactly? He described it as “full strength” when asked about indoor dining and retail, yet he still said people would have to use masks indoors. Broadway, he said, is aiming for September for the most part.

As for schools, he said, “In the fall, full strength. Every single child can come back to the classroom.”

Just as a monthly check-in, the city’s 7-day rate is now at about 5 percent, but the 28-day average is still at 6. Locally, the rate is below 2 percent — 10007 is at 1.44.

If you haven’t gotten your vaccine yet, there are now thousands of appointments around the city. Find them here.





  1. I can’t wait to sit at a bar to eat next week! I’ve always preferred bar seating and have missed it so much. I chatted with a local chef and they are thrilled with the changes, it will bring new life to the neighborhood and so many people back to work. Good progress.

  2. And, all state run sites are walk in too! Lot’s of vaccines! Gotta love his usage of “full strength.” I’m overtired but is really making me laugh this morning.

  3. Re: Vaccine’s – I stop reading after seeing DeBlassio(ugh)

    I really like this website TurboVax… was super useful in finding openings back when it was really HARD to find locations

    I would still caution everyone to be careful with indoor dining until the general positive rate goes below 1%.. Vaccinated or not you are much safer outdoors.

    • Back when virtually impossible get appointments, I found this woman, Carolyn Ruvkun who runs: nyc covid vaccine appointments @nycshotslots twitter, to be phenomenal resource. And, she still consistently is! She goes the extra mile.

      And, yes absolutely stay cautious indoors,
      as covid is airborne, no comparison to the safety of outdoors.