Photos of 9/11 taken from 310 Greenwich and undiscovered until now

Sometime in the mid-2000s, a resident of 310 Greenwich — Maryann Puglisi — gave her photo albums to her sister, Frances Utz. Frances stashed them away for a time, and then about four years ago, passed the albums on to her daughter and grandson. Just last year, Maryann died, and her grand-nephew, Liam Enea, 19, decided to flip through the photos.

He found a series of snapshots taken from what is obviously one of the southside balconies of IPN — overlooking Washington Market Park — of the collapse of the World Trade Center and then some of the recovery afterwards. They are remarkable pictures, and it made my heart race just to look at them — to watch those events from her perspective. It looks like she must have waited until the last minute to retreat into her apartment as the dust cloud came north.

Liam, who scanned the photos this February and then published them on Reddit, was kind enough to allow me to download them here, for this one-time use. I am running them in two consecutive posts. This is the first.


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  1. Yes indeed, not so far away, not so long ago.
    I too took similar photos from roof top on Warren St.
    between Greenwich & West B’way, including one of the flames
    bursting from 2nd tower, seconds after 2nd plane hit.
    Not something anyone present then will ever forget, nor futile searching on the pile that day.