CEC elections are going on now — and good luck trying to vote

PS 234 parent Helena Cawley wrote to tell me that the Community Education Council elections are going on now — voting is open until May 11. Why this process is such a mystery is a mystery, but I am trying my best to figure it out for us all here. Full disclosure, she is running, along with 110 people for nine seats for the District 2 CEC. (There are 11 seats total, but two are appointed by the borough president.)

I tried to log in to vote, but after creating an account, answering three security questions and checking my email twice for the verification code, I hit this: “The Student ID # is printed on your child’s report card. It has nine digits. If you were invited by a parent or guardian, the Account Creation Code was in the invitation email. Otherwise, your school sent a letter home with your child that included the Account Creation Code. To receive the letter again, you can ask your school to send it home with your child.”

This is well above my pay grade, so you may want to gather that info in advance, then review who is running at this link here. Each person submitted a “candidate statement,” and those are very useful if you want to take this seriously. (Many people did not submit a statement at all, so you can knock them off the list.)

Also among the candidates are Tribeca parents Jane Kingseed, whose kids go to 75 Morton; and Robin Kelleher, whose has two kids at PS 33 and one at Lab middle school. (I didn’t click through to every candidate’s bio, so if someone else is running from the neighborhood, let me know.)

Vote here. You get one vote PER household PER child in a public school. More info here.

This is the first year parents can actually vote — before it was only the PTA executive boards, so the process has some kinks to work out.



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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Just voted. Yes, site is wonky. I have my kid’s school account to log in and when I tried to vote, I was directed to log in page to re-enter my credentials again. It’s not user friendly at all. Too many candidates to click through to read their statements. Overall DOE could use a better user interface design for this process. Voting is doable but just expect it to take time and patience. May the force be with you! :)