Jungsik’s Suyoung Park wins Michelin young chef award

The executive chef at Jungsik, the two-star Korean restaurant in the former Chanterelle space, was the recipient of this year’s Blancpain New York Young Chef Award, announced this week by Michelin. Suyoung Park started cooking as a sous chef at Jungsik in Seoul, came to New York in 2018 and within a year was executive chef here. (Blancpain is the French watch manufacturer and they now partner with Michelin, which actually makes tires, for a series of special chef awards.)

None of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants got downgraded this year, despite the turbulence — or maybe I should say because of it — in the restaurant industry these past months. Our list of stars continues to be Jungsik and Atera with two; Bâtard, Crown Shy and L’Appart with one; and Vestry, the new Soho seafood spot that just opened in October, scored one star as a newcomer. (That’s on my list of New Kids. The chef is Shaun Hergatt, who got a Michelin star for his restaurant in midtown, the now closed Juni. And before that he had SHO Shaun Hergatt on Broad, until 2012.)

And another update on Jungsik: the restaurant’s star pastry chef, Eunji Lee, left at the end of March. I interviewed her in early March 2020, and unfortunately sat on it, waiting for the world to open — and now it’s too late. So here are a couple of my pics, which I just loved and can’t leave to rot on my hard drive. The video of her preparing her strawberry tart is so soothing it’s better than Valium.



  1. Jungsik is an absolute gem, without the subdued haughtiness of many of the top restaurants in the city. A very modern take on Korean food that is approachable, even for those who are shy about trying new things. I can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Jungsik is amazing . IMO the food is as good or better than the 3 Michelin star restaurants

  3. Every meal at Jungsik is pleasant and delicious!!!! For what it’s worth, three stars from me