Can’t get enough of spring?

I know I say this every year, but the Washington Market Park gardener has outdone himself. Richie Haugland — seen below with Shaherrah Berry — planted 12,000 bulbs this year and staggered the planting seasons, so we got a crop of white tulips filling the eastern flower bed and now pink. Note also the crazy double purple guys (scientific name) that look like roses. And 200 alliums are on their way.

Reminder: It’s My Park Day is at both WMP and Duane Park tomorrow, May 8.

I will add that the park has been under a lot of pressure with kids run wild: they have dug up several of the boards that serve as retaining walls in the community garden (a couple of them ended up on the bathroom roof, so it was clearly no accident) and they have trampled several plants in the back by the park shed (those are now fenced off, to see if they can recover) and in the eastern planting bed, which is intended for viewing only.

They also hung off the tree that was planted as a memorial to little Tess Burstein, pulling it off its axis. Richie now has it supported with twine. (It’s also about to be in full bloom.)

Kids will be kids, but their antics have park staff working overtime to keep things nice, and that’s not too fair IMO.



  1. Gorgeous photos. I have taken many photos of the tulips. They are such a bright spot to take in these days. Grateful for the extra hard work put into the amazing gardening.

  2. Grand opening at Insomnia Cookies on 125 Church this week.

  3. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated gardener in our local park! The sheer volume of color fills my heart with happiness every spring!

  4. Our park crew is so dedicated and thoughtful. I have never once walked by Ms. Berry without her saying hello and offering a big smile. Though my daughter is grown I still enjoy peeking into our beautiful and well cared for park. Good work and thank you!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for the photos!