New Kid on the Block: Projekt 105

This is as homegrown as it gets. And it’s a refreshing reminder that Tribeca started as a home and haven for artists — and still is.

The portrait photographer Martin Schoeller just opened Projekt 105 Gallery on the ground floor of the building he’s lived in for a couple decades — the former Nobu Nextdoor at the Powell Building, 105 Hudson, which has been empty since Nobu decamped for Fidi. It is so exciting to see that space activated, and no surprise, it’s gorgeous as a white box in a lavish Neo-Renaissance building.

The first show, up now and open through the month, has several of Schoeller’s arresting and mesmerizing photographs but also those of his artist neighbors. Everyone in the show either lives or works in the building: street photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia; photographer Nicole Rosenthal; photographer Mick Cantarella; painter Ben Feder; portrait photographer Jan Erting; filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (showing Polaroids); photographer Gloria Deitcher; street photographer Stephanie Keith (you will recognize the work); painter Sandra Harper; and professional wrapper Haim Steinbach (that’s a wink — look for it when you get there).

The visual artist and lighting designer Christine Sciulli has one of her hypnotic installations in the back — don’t forget to look behind the curtain when you visit. Her son Tycho Burwell has a photograph in the show.

And the building’s longtime (30 years?) super happens to be the street photographer Clay Benskin and has a collection in the show as well.

It’s a family affair.


Projekt 105 Gallery
105 Hudson at Franklin
Thursday through Sunday | noon to 8p



  1. I love this. The photography looks awesome.

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  3. Wonderful news all around!

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