New Kid on the Block: Insomnia Cookies

I never would have guessed you could build a national chain out of warm cookies sold in the wee hours, but shows you what I know. Insomnia Cookies — which has more than 100 outlets across the country and which started in a UPenn dorm room in 2003 — has opened on the corner of Warren and Church. It’s there for the insomniacs and stoners who have the munchies when they are at their worst: till 12:30a every day of the week. They deliver.

I am a big cookie baker and so am generally a snob about anything “store-boughten,” as my old pal from western Mass would say. But these are addictive and satisfying, and of course everything is better when melty. I sampled six of the 10 flavors and would recommend the double chocolate mint to evoke that Girl Scout thin mint vibe. But who am I kidding — I ate all of them.

They riff on everything cookie. There’s scooped hard ice cream, and all kinds of cookie and ice cream combos. There’s a cooler full of variations of milk, a la cookies &. There are cookie cakes, with buttercream frosting and brownie crumble. Of course there are party packs (cheaper by the dozen) and an unexpected twist: a selection of vegan cookies in four flavors, and a couple gluten free vegan as well. And for the over the top sugar hit, there’s boxes of cookies served with a side of buttercream frosting for dunking. And they ship. And they ship the frozen dough! What’s not to like?

It’s also nice to see that dark corner — two of the four are empty right now — lit up again after I-don’t-remember-how-many years. Oh and just a heads-up: they are cashless.

Insomnia Cookies
125 Church at Warren
Weekdays: 11a to 12:30a 
Weekends: noon to 12:30a 


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  1. Oh no…this is much too close to me to be a good thing for my diet.