Teens robbed at gunpoint in Battery Park City

The NYPD reports that on Friday, May 7, at approximately 10:35p police responded to a 911 call of a robbery in the vicinity of 345 Chambers Street (in front of Stuyvesant High School in Battery Park City). Three girls, ages 16 and 17, reported that three unknown males approached them and one displayed a firearm. The suspects took one complainant’s bag.

After a short canvass of the area the suspects were observed walking southbound on the Westside Highway. Three individual were taken into custody.

The next day, a 17-year-old boy walked into the 1st Precinct and reported that he was also approached by three males in the vicinity of 211 North End Ave. (in front of the Verdesian at Murray) at approximately 10:40p, and in that case, one of the males also displayed a firearm. The victim handed over his wallet and other property.

Police arrested the three teenaged suspects — ages 16 and 17 — and they were charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. As juveniles, their identities cannot be disclosed.



  1. We are living in fear. Its constant. If we don’t get a Mayor for safer streets we are done. So terrible what a safe downtown we had. Nothing and no time is safe anymore in the city!!

    • Eric Adams was endorsed by The Post.

      • I think he is the only one that don’t want to defund. He has my vote. Praying he wins. Can’t live in a deteriorating city next couple of years. The other candidates don’t care about crime.

      • adams on yang’s remarks after the times square shooting, “For Andrew Yang to stand here and all of a sudden realize this threat in our city. And why? Because of what he stated, ‘this happened a block from my house.’ Well you know what, Andrew? These shootings have been happening blocks from my house for years and blocks from poorer New Yorkers for years.”

  2. We left the Verdesian a year ago for Naples, Florida. I have teenage kids whom I NEVER worried about when they were out and about. This used to be the safest part of the City.

  3. Yang is so wet behind the ears. I don’t get why so many are dazzled by him. A likable enough fellow but no way does he have the savy and experience to be the mayor. Scott and Kathryn will be able to know how to work with the NYPD to restructure the funding to include mental health and local teams to work along side the police.
    Eric Adams is very disliked by the NYPD and for me, the Farrakan connection is unacceptable.
    Yang’s big idea is to bring gambling to Governor’s Island – what a horrible idea!!!
    All in all a packed race with lots to think about.

  4. I wish Ray Kelly would run
    We need law and order
    Remember days we could walk on esplanade at 11pm and be safe
    Those days are gone