Duane Street Hotel has closed

J. sent this photo over — the hotel is being cleared out. The hotel company — Independent Collection — still has a couple properties in the city, so I will see what I can learn, but their media contact is shut down.

With it goes Jehangir Mehta’s restaurant Graffiti Earth, which he originally opened in 2013 as Mehtaphor. (He was ahead of his time thinking about sustainability, down to the upcycled china.)

The hotel opened in 2007 and was renovated in 2013. This will be an important one to track, given the state of the hotel industry. Might be cued up as a conversion…




  1. CO reports the building was sold to Premier Equities and is being leased to Sonder for short-term AirBnB-like rentals.


    • Seriously hoping DeBlasio doesn’t snap this up to force even more violent criminals into our lovely neighborhood.

      • That building doesn’t satisfy any requirements for such a move to make sense.

        • I thought the same thing!! Fighting to keep these criminals out, keep voting for this destructive party that’s what we get!! DeBlasio is no good!

      • So those who need a home are criminals now are they?
        Shame on you. What a terrible attitude to hold. I work in midtownEast just down the street from a men’s permanent shelter and it is well run and frankly unnoticeable.
        I applaud a future in which there are no homeless suffering on
        our city streets.

        • replying to TG, Shame on us? The mentally ill released from prison even sex offenders are in our hotels all over downtown. These are not the homeless that are basically in men’s shelters. This is why are city is so dangerous! These mentally ill homeless do not belong in our neighborhoods near our schools etc! Its all over our city. The so called Mayor put them in our neighborhoods with out community approval! The tax payers are paying for these criminals to live amongst us! Drugs, assaults S~~ all over our sidewalks and so much more its not SAFE!!!! 90 percent of the assaults are coming from these mentally ill homeless roaming the streets. So shame on you!

  2. That building is less than 30 feet from a early child hood education center and 50 feet from JCP another children’s center. WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

  3. I am amazed and ashamed by this NIMBY attitude. Please explain where a facility like this should be housed. Do high value neighborhoods get a pass for everything that is not desirable. Do
    government services that may be challenging all have to be placed in already difficult areas that need help far more than SoHo/TriBeCa. I have lived in these parts for 43 years and am amazed how much the neighborhood has changed. Both in good ways and a bad. This NIMBY attitude is one of the very annoying new mantras.

  4. responding to Don, we don’t have a ” PASS”. We have plenty of men’s shelters and homeless hotels downtown all over the place. Reademan is right put them in Rivers. Homeless families or men that are not mentally ill deserve a chance and affordable housing. Mentally ill sex offenders homeless DO NOT belong in any neighborhood. FIDI and Tribeca took 20 years after 911 to get us back. We don’t want criminals amongst us!! Bail reform has to be gone!! So NIMBY OH PLEASE!! SHOULDN’T BE IN ANY NEIGHBORHOOD!

  5. correction Rikers.