Ribbon Cutting for Bogardus set for May 27

Well, what a hit. Bogardus is busy every time I pass by, and I have to admit I have left Duane Park in the dust. Bogardus is now my meeting spot default. ACE is doing a good job of getting the chairs and tables out there every morning, usually between 9 and 10, and they get stacked at the end of the day at 7:30p. They empty the trash cans in the middle of each day.

The plaza seems to being used by all comers — adults, kids, delivery guys waiting for their next assignment, students, babysitters and their charges, you name it. And there have even been some evening BYO gatherings.

So to celebrate the inaugural season:

The plaza will host a lunchtime music series over the next three weeks at 1p: May 20, May 26 and June 2.

There will be a ribbon cutting and formal opening ceremony on May 27 at 11a till noon, with live music and information stations as well as the requisite speeches.

Last thing: their spring appeal is going on now. From Tory Weil: “The new plaza has had many surprise costs over the last six months. The big issue was working to deter the skaters. The planters, plants and skate stops cost 12K!!”

Last last thing: the Friends of Bogardus Plaza is looking to grow its board. Get in touch here.



  1. I’m glad this is here. It does indeed get busy. I’ve waited for seating a few times around lunch hours.

  2. Hi Pam
    Could you do a follow up on Duane Park please! In the 10 years since living here it has gotten soooo dirty and it’s such a lovely little spot. The plantings look great but the benches are gross there is feces of all kinds and it’s just grimy. I know the park has have a board and in the past raised funds via the Tribeca Apartment Hunt (sorry I know that’s not the correct name) and I’m sue due to the pandemic have not been able to host the event for probably two years. So how can we help as a community and make this park sparkle again? Thanks!

    • Wow, I totally disagree. I think the park looks great! But you should contact the Friends of Duane Park directly or donate to help them maintain the park. It costs about $12,000 a year as I recall and they also maintain it with volunteer power. They no longer do the Loft Tour since it got too difficult to drum up volunteers; instead they do an annual appeal for direct contributions.

    • i have been finding Duane Park lovely. Especially with the abundance of tulips recently. I love sitting on the benches there.

  3. Initially, I was fearful of the new Bogardus Plaza as I loved the old park and it’s classic lines. But now, visiting it often and seeing the plantings soften it’s design, I could not be happier with its presence in the neighbourhood. Bravo to the team who created this. I am a fan. It is a huge success.

  4. This is such a great new plaza and park. But I think it complements Duane Park. One will be a quieter off the path type place with the other being busier with pass through traffic.

    I didnt realize how much $ was spent to deter skate boarders. I just saw some skate boarders there on Sunday and tried to find who to call to report. Anyone know? im all for skate parks. Just ones that are designated as such

    • According to our local precinct, the best thing to do when you see skateboarders in the plaza is to call 911. It is illegal, dangerous (for both the boarders and for pedestrians) and destructive.