TCQ&A: Victoria Meakin

The longtime Tribecan and financial tech entrepreneur recently became chair of Soho Rep., which, despite its name, has been a Tribeca institution since 1991. (And their virtual gala is this coming Monday; you can contribute here.)

The stunning portraits are by photographer Claudine Williams. 

The rules of the TCQ&A: Answer as many of the 48 questions as you like (but a minimum of 15, and you must answer #1–4). 

1.How long have you lived in the neighborhood? Where did you move from? Where are you originally from?
I’ve lived in Tribeca since the ’90s when my husband and I moved from the West Village because we were drawn to PS 234’s reputation. I’m originally from Harrington Park, NJ, a charming little town not far from the GWB.

2. Married, partnered? If so what is their name and occupation?
Still married to Dave Feldman, the guy from #1 who is ostensibly a retired trader but keeps busy managing his own account. He’s become quite the country gentleman since the first lockdown last March.

3. Kids? Pets?
We have two kids, Ethan and Ellis, who graduated college last year. To say the virtual ceremonies were anti-climactic is an understatement, but of course I feel incredibly grateful to name that as one of my greatest personal covid disappointments. Ellis works for an indie film marketing company and Ethan is hoping to play pro basketball overseas (last year’s plans were derailed due to covid). In the pet department we have a sweet but crotchety 15-year-old standard poodle named Daisy and I recently brought home Oona, an irresistibly mischievous cavapoo puppy. Suffice to say, their relationship is a work in progress.

4. Where do you live?
I live on Jay Street, which I love for countless reasons–the quiet, the cobblestones, the proximity to Washington Market School (where Ethan and Ellis went to preschool)–not least of which is the 24/7 side show of Staple Street. One of the starkest changes in the neighborhood during quarantine times was the totally unfamiliar void there.

5. What do you do for a living? Or, what’s your non-day job that is relevant to readers?
I’ve spent my career as a fintech entrepreneur (starting way before there was a name for it) but these days I’m most passionate about my non-day job chairing the board of Soho Rep., which despite its moniker has been at 46 Walker for three of its four-decade history. It’s an incredible downtown theater which has earned a slew of prestigious reviews and awards but it’s the values that keep me coming back. I joined the board 10 years ago and although I’m a total theater geek, the last show I’d seen was back in their Soho days. Since then I’ve been on a mission to spread the word far and wide, but especially in Tribeca because I feel like so many of us don’t realize we have this amazing cultural gem in our own backyard. If you’re interested in live performance or just want to support local arts, we’re hosting our first virtual gala on May 24th, which is a great opportunity to get a sense of the work and the community. And if you can’t join then, I hope you’ll check out our groundbreaking shows starting next fall when we’ll be reopening our doors and ready to share our work.

7. Most frequented restaurant?
The restaurant I end up at most often is Petrarca for three reasons: 1. It’s around the corner from Soho Rep. so it’s a perfect pre- or post-show venue, 2. The Pulitos who own it are a lovely Tribeca family I’ve known since our kids were small, and 3. the food is consistently delicious and the wine list is excellent (they keep it creatively updated). Edward’s and Odeon are also classic go-tos depending on the company and who doesn’t love Locanda?

8. For special occasions I go to:
Le Coucou, for the room as much as the menu.

10. Sweet tooth satisfaction?
Odeon’s or Edward’s french fries. I’ll choose salt over sugar any day of the week.

11. Most delicious cocktail?
Strictly a grapes drinker: Sancerre, rose or bubbles. Tribeca Wine Merchants has a great selection and I usually just order whatever my friend and Jay Street neighbor Larry Morse recommends.

12. I usually order in from______and always order the_____.
Ellis and I always order in from VCafé and get the chili tofu or calamari, sweet fried rice and poached chicken or shrimp salad. We really missed them when they closed for during the lockdown.

13. I can’t resist popping into:
Stella on Reade Street. Mischelle Arcus, the owner, is so lovely and helpful and she has curated the most divine bedding and interesting accents for the home. When I’m looking for a gift it’s the first place I’ll go.

14. The last non-essential item I bought:
None. The pandemic really changed my shopping habits.

15. When I walk into my apartment the first thing I see that I bought around here is:
A beautiful blue blown-glass vase from Stella on my dining room table.

16. I’m so glad______is in the neighborhood because without it I’d_____
Hudson River Park because otherwise I’d have nowhere to watch the sun set over the Statue of Liberty.

17. How I stay fit:
My stalwart is Physique 57 (at the Soho or Fidi studio, which has amazing harbor views). Unlike a lot of my friends I didn’t get into better shape over the last year, virtual workouts just don’t motivate me. I need the camaraderie of in-person classes and can’t wait to get back (but still figuring out when that feels comfortable).

18. Where do you go to get beautiful?
When I’m trying I go to Tribeca Beauty Spa on Harrison, although not nearly often enough according to Nadia, the owner and facialist extraordinaire. When you leave your skin is immaculate and glowing and she offers the most relaxing neck massages that are the best part of the treatment.

19. What’s the area’s best-kept secret?
Soho Rep., but I’m hoping to change that!

20. A recent enthusiasm:
My number one recent enthusiasm is Oona. Puppy therapy is the best kind.


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