In the News: Mayoral candidate arrested in protest

The Daily News reports that NYC mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan was arrested in racial justice protest near the Holland Tunnel entrance on Tuesday, and was served a desk ticket by officers at the First Precinct. “The former HUD secretary-turned-mayoral candidate, Donovan wore a black-and-white “BLACK LIVES MATTER” t-shirt, kneeled with the demonstrators, stalling traffic at a ramp onto the Holland Tunnel in Tribeca. Donovan’s hands were zip-tied, and hauled into the First Precinct station house before he was charged with disorderly conduct and released about 10:55 a.m.”

Architectural Digest includes the Samantha Bittman & Chris Beeston show at Patrick Parrish Gallery in a roundup of the 17 gallery shows to see this spring. “From afar, Chris Beeston’s lamps appear as if they are fashioned out of hand-blown glass. In reality, they are exhilarating assemblages of utilitarian found objects… placed in dialogue with Samantha Bittman’s paintings on canvases of thread she weaves by hand into geometric patterns. Through June 26 at 50 Lispenard.

Newsweek published the top most expensive zip codes based on residential real estate sales in New York State, and while the Hamptons gives Downtown a run for the money, we hold strong at #5 (10013), #7 (10007), #11 (10282) and #16 (10012).

The Daily News reports that Andrew Yang tried to attend a protest for Daunte Wright in Battery Park (not Brooklyn as the Tweet says, but watch the video) and he got booed out of there.




  1. Speaking of mayors… There’s a Democratic Mayoral Forum at 8pm on channel PIX11 tonight.
    And, NYTimes had a video of the peaceful protest to start the day of honoring George Floyd on Canal (with Shaun Donovan). The helicopter apocalypse began at 815am.

  2. Donovan is a joke. I will be watching. Whoever is for Law & Order for our city and communities , not criminals has my vote. Cops can be trained and accountable and we don’t need to defund them. Homeless Hotels and assaults and lawlessness has taken over our beautiful city. That is may main issue and I hope everyone else who lives here. We should not be looking over our backs as we walk the streets or take the subway to see if someone will hit us over the head. If we get the same as this clown in office we are done! Our city will never come back.

    • Native, totally agree, Clown act has to be over, Street crime, Subway Crime, Homeless and Homeless hotels in residential areas are all out of control. we need a serious approach to solving these issues ASAP, Deblasio has been Rip VanWinkle over the last 8 years, Time to wake upNYC!

  3. ^^^what he said ^^^

  4. First time I feel unsafe in the neighborhood and definitely don’t walk around after dark. Sad commentary.

  5. What does Donovan have to do with street crime, homelessness, and subway crime?

    Also no police were defunded in NYC.

  6. There are no undercovers and they reduced them significantly. Also, Bail Reform. Criminals let out of jail as soon as they are arrested for assaults. The city is dangerous, Trains dangerous walking around at night dangerous. Certain areas are worst than others. Homeless Hotels a big factor and more to come. If we have a mayor for this kind of distrust like the clown in office now we are done!