Seen & Heard: Blue Ribbon Sushi coming to William

Luis Vazquez spotted the liquor license notice up above where you can actually read it: it looks like Blue Ribbon Sushi will replace Blue Ribbon Federal Grill at 84 William. (I am a little surprised they need to get a liquor license; maybe it’s a renewal?) The national chain was founded 20 years ago on Downing Street as Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen (the original closed in 2016) and now covers cuisines from burgers to fried chicken to…sushi. The Bromberg brothers have six (I think?) Blue Ribbon restaurants here, plus another dozen in LA, Las Vegas and South Beach.

The community groups fighting the supertalls for Two Bridges on the river lost their last court battle in the Court of Appeals this week. But they have renewed their fight for a Two Bridges Community Plan that would require affordable housing, height limits and climate resiliency measures for any new building in the neighborhood. “This is about more than just the Two Bridges neighborhood. Luxury developments will never provide the affordable housing this city needs, and our communities know that. It’s time we lift up their wisdom and hard work to create a more just and equitable city.” For more information on their efforts, find them here.

I am conflicted about promoting anything for Revel, but this new effort is interesting and it is only for Downtowners. What I think of as the annoying scooter company has launched a ride share service using only Teslas and only serving pickups and dropoffs south of 42nd Street. The company intends to expand the service area and the fleet size if the demand increases. The fleet will be owned and maintained by the company, with drivers brought on as employees rather than independent contractors.

Bortolami gallery has a show up now of the paintings and drawings of Deborah Remington, who died in 2019 but whose career spanned five decades. Her work has been collected by the Whitney, the Centre Pompidou, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and dozens of other museums.
Through June 12 at 39 Walker.



  1. I used to love Blue Ribbon Bakery on Downing back in the day. as well as Blue Ribbon on Sullivan.

  2. The Two Bridges thing is so crazy. The Southbridge residents literally voted to go co-op and cash in on their real estate luck. Now they complain about luxury towers and a lack of affordable housing. I can’t wait to see them burn millions on legal fees and then watch the towers go up anyways.

  3. responding to Sarah, Its all about preserving the seaport historic district. The towers destroys that and makes way for others to come in. Its corruption at its best. Lets see if you lived in Southbridge Towers and had to look at that Monster project that will ruin the seaport.