The return of the banks and their people

The news that Citi ordered 6000 Ring Dings from Duane Park Patisserie got me wanting to know exactly who — or rather how many whos — is coming back to the two major banks in the neighborhood and when. So back of the envelope based on comments from both companies puts the number at around 10-12,000 workers by July. Here’s how I got there:

Goldman Sachs’ building at 200 West Street usually holds about 10,000 people and the company has asked employees to be in a “position to return by Monday, June 14.” But there was a caveat: “Additional information on your team’s specific return to office framework will be forthcoming from your regional and divisional leaders in the coming weeks as conditions and capacity considerations shift.”

The internal memo also noted that offices in parts of Asia, where more progress has been made on the virus, are nearing a full return; the UK offices will be back by June 21. The company will also “continue to consider the potential for rotational schedules, where applicable, as we manage capacity in our offices and progressively return” and will enhance common and outdoor spaces.

At Citi, the building at 388 Greenwich was designed to accommodate 12,000 employees — up from 9000 prior to the 2019 renovations. Capacity is at about 10 percent now, and the company plans to bring more workers back as of July, with up to 30 percent returning throughout the summer. “We are hoping to bring additional colleagues back in September…We know the pandemic has taken its toll and remain committed to supporting our colleagues by offering resources to balance work, life and wellbeing.”



  1. I was curious on that huge ring ding batch too. The number is even higher more i think about it. Intriguing…

  2. Observationally, Goldman Sachs has been really filling up in the past month— probable triple the amount of foot traffic inside the lobby and around it as even a month or two ago. Knowing some people who work there, my estimate would be it’s about half full at the very least and growing— especially with Loopy Doopy back this season!
    Citi is not like GS and will be taking it much more slowly. Trading floors are open, investment bankers are coming in sometimes, but most other teams are minimally in office.