Seen & Heard: Delimarie on Duane is closed

I’ve been watching since P. sent a note in March that Delimarie, the sweet little deli on Duane between Broadway and Church that sold beignets, had not reopened. All signs says it has closed permanently. Clearly they counted on a Civic Center crowd…

I’ve been trying to get some official word on Parm at Brookfield, and no answer from Parm itself but this comment from the PR folks for Brookfield: “Parm is not permanently closed.”

In celebration of Pride Month, Gotham Cheer — an adult cheerleading team — will perform and demonstrate in Battery Park City on Saturday, June 5, 11a at Esplanade Plaza (the southside of North Cove, where the volleyball court is). RSVP for free tickets here.

Bogardus Plaza had its official ribbon cutting ceremony last week, and many of the electeds were there, along with the commissioners of DDC and DOT. The event made me realize that I will miss Borough President Gale Brewer’s sense if humor: She noted that she was happy to praise both DDC and DOT on this particular occasion since by the next day she would no doubt have a complaint for them.

Below, the women who made it happen:  Tribecan and designer Signe Nielsen, of Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, and Tribecan Tory Weil, who created the Friends of Bogardus and got the whole thing done.



  1. DeliMarie…You are 15 month late on this information.I have been living a couple doors down from this deli for 22 years…I probably was living here before they opened…They were the most expensive Deli in town it was offensive…this is my opinion. I went in there 2 times total in all the years it has been open and i told them you will close i guarantee it when they argued about the price of their egg sandwich which was on the menu but they charged me 2 dollars more. I walked out and told them you will never get a dollar from me and that was that. I am sure covid has something to do with it but never had people in there…Maybe a tad during lunch…oh their egg sandwiches were like 7 bucks. when everyone else in this country from a deli like this is 4 bucks max with some meat and cheese. I don’t feel bad…sorry. just my 2 cents…

    • @Adam they only closed a few months ago. I walked in just before they did and I live across the street. Not sure why you say 15 mos late with the info. They opened mult times during the pandemic.

  2. How irinic this week I just asked about Delmarie and they said they “been’ closed and shut down. I remember they sold the best breakfast ever, and such a diverse selection. It was then taken over, and they scaled back.

  3. Bogardus plaza, what a great space. It complements well the other parks in Tribeca.

  4. What happened to the bronze plaque announcing the name of the plaza and explaining who James Bogardus was? Did it get sold for scrap metal the way the iron facade panels of Bogardus’ nearby Laing Stores did in 1974?