Something’s doing at AKA Tribeca

K. sent this photo of the sign coming down at the AKA Tribeca (aka the Smyth) on the corner of Chambers and West Broadway. Their PR crew told me as recently as May 14 that the hotel was closed temporarily, but it is no longer on the company’s list of locations. Of course I will be happy to be wrong about this.

The AKA Wall Street closed last October.

The latest stats from the Downtown Alliance were that 27 out of Downtown’s (south of Murray by their boundaries) 36 hotels were open. Three had closed permanently. The Moxy just closed permanently, so that makes 26. But oddly there are also 12 hotels in the pipeline south of Murray, including Cipriani at the Battery Maritime Building. Add to that the Firmdale Hotel on Warren that is still under construction, and maybe the one at the former Tent & Trails building on Park Place.

Of course, the fate of Little Park is tied up with the fate of the hotel. So as the restaurant languishes, Andrew Carmellini just launched Mister Dips and is in the process of opening up Carne Mare on Pier 17 as of June 10.



  1. I am just hoping they don’t make these hotels into permanent shelters like they did to the Radisson on Williams street and 105 Washington.

  2. Don’t think that will happen since the upper floors are condominiums.