67 Vestry is still on track for this year

A six-bedroom, 6000-square-foot unit in 67 Vestry became the priciest home sale in Manhattan last week, going for just under $24 million to a family in the neighborhood, The Real Deal reports.

The building doesn’t look a *lot* different on the outside yet — and I celebrate this — but I imagine things are getting closer on the inside. The first order of business is the interiors and the building’s core; the building is still scheduled to be completed this year.

They are preserving the façade, which is a relief, especially since it falls just outside the Tribeca North Historic District, and adding three stories on the roof to create 13 units total. It’s always easier to knock down and build from scratch, so we have to applaud the developer for this one. You can see the quite good looking renderings on the architect’s site.

I still want to hear the story of how the DIA was created in that building…