A new 7-Eleven and the old Lenwich open on Park Place

There’s some spaces being activated once again on Park Place, which is great since the gutted building between Park Place and Murray, while under construction, leaves a big void as does the lot left by the collapse of the Tent & Trails building. (Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Tent & Trails…)

B. wrote to say that the sandwich shop Lenwich has reopened. The local chain has seven of its 19 locations currently open for business; the Fidi one at 10 Hanover Square is still closed.

And the new 7-Eleven, which was formerly on Church and Warren, has now reopened on Church and Park Place. Seen one, seen them all as a rule, but still B. was kind enough to send these photos of the interior — looks like they are making a bit more of an effort.

NB: Lenwich is only open weekdays, however; 8a to 3p, Monday to Friday.

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  1. Harley Davidson is moving to 595 Broadway in Soho.

  2. Speaking of that Trails and Tents spot (and I totally agree, I still miss it immensely) — any idea what’s happening with that lot? The collapse forced the closure of Barleycorn and Biddy Early, and both spaces still remain vacant. I haven’t noticed any activity on that spot in over 3 years.