Healthynest baby products coming to Warren

Healthynest, a baby products startup, has taken the former wine store at 21 Warren, between Broadway and Church. (Thanks to E. for the shot, who noted that with Tribeca Pediatrics and Dance with Miss Rachel, this stretch of Warren is now it’s own little Baby Alley.) The team said they will get in touch later in summer, July or August, when they are closer to opening, but in the meantime here’s what I could figure out.

The company is a B Corp, which is interesting in itself, founded by a couple who have two young kids themselves, Shazi Visram and Joe Kulak, and from what I can tell their site sells diaper subscription programs, skin care products and laundry soap, all plant-based and non-toxic. It’s my guess that the store will also have parenting and baby programs.

Visram first founded Happy Family Organics in 2003, before she had children. But when their oldest, who is now 9, was diagnosed with autism at age 2, they decided to look into contributing environmental factors. From the site: “healthynest is the culmination of all that we have learned and now want to share because every baby deserves to be a healthy, happy, and connected baby. Our hope is that healthynest will support all of the superhero parents throughout their journey with the information they crave, the products they need, and the coaching support they deserve so that we can all focus on what matters most – a happy, healthy life.”



  1. Ahhhhh!!!! So excited. I love this brand. I didn’t realize they had a brick and mortar. Location is perfect.

  2. I no longer have a little one at home but this is a nice addition to the neighborhood.

  3. Incredible company and executives. Shazi is a unique, genuine, and incredibly talented person. Our granddaughter loves the comfort – our daughter the purity. Exception all around Cliff