Catching Up with New Kids: Luhring Augustine

Chelsea gallery district stalwart Luhring Augustine has opened a new outpost at 17 White, the space that was for two decades Paul Donzella‘s design store on the corner of Sixth (he’s now at 200 Lexington). They had their first show there in September 2020, and I am just catching up now.

Before we move on, a bit of history that makes a new gallery at this spot even more relevant: I checked with John Willenbecher who connected me with longtime residents of the building who confirmed that the artist Jim Dine had his studio there at one point. I understand he now lives in Washington state, but keeps an apartment in the West Village.

Back to Luhring Augustine. Founded in 1985 by Lawrence Luhring and Roland Augustine, the gallery moved from the Upper East Side to Soho, opening in Chelsea in 1998, then adding a second location in Bushwick in 2012 and now this, in its 35th anniversary year, making great use of the spectacular space. (I would love to get a glimpse of the attic in that building. Some day…) Their focus is contemporary art and monographs of artists from around the world, sometimes developing artists who have then grown up with the gallery. (I am obsessed with the video installations of Ragnar Kjartansson, and take any chance I can to see them.)

They had been looking for another space, but nothing too far from New York, since they like to connect with their clients in person.

“This reminded us of the Soho galleries of the past,” said Donald Johnson Montenegro, a partner at the gallery. “The skylight, the wood floors, the columns — they add so much to the space. We wanted something simple.”

Montenegro’s shows christened the space — he has a long history with Brazilian art, representing Tunga and Lygia Clark among others. On view now is “Recent Faces” — paintings by the contemporary artist Sanya Kantarovsky, born in Russia but who lives and works here.

He said they have had a warm welcome from the other galleries in the Tribeca Gallery District, joining the gallery walk a couple times already, emailing with each other, coordinating opening dates, etc.

“This was a very nice community to join,” he said. “We’ve seen each other’s shows, learned the neighborhoods idiosyncrasies and history. I was just impressed with the collegiality.”

Luhring Augustine Tribeca
17 White at Sixth
Monday – Friday, 11a – 5:30p



  1. I’ve been wondering about this place.

  2. Welcome! My husband and I enjoyed the Gallery Walk weekend this past Spring. It is so nice to see galleries returning to the neighborhood.

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood! We look forward to checking out your space and upcoming exhibits.

  4. Wonderful sense of deja vu as galleries return to Tribeca.
    Since opening the gallery in 1975 at 10 Beach in and then on to Franklin Street and West Broadway, Tribeca has always been home.