Man drowns off Pier 45 in the Village

A man disappeared into the Hudson River on Tuesday evening, jumping off Pier 45 in Hudson River Park during one of the park’s public events. He has not been recovered.

Police report that at 6:35 p.m., a 68-year-old male entered the water, swam out and went under water. Both NYPD and the FDNY arrived at the scene. The search/recovery efforts will continue.

The pier is at the end of 10th Street, within the 6th Precinct, and is the venue for the park’s public dance events. This one was featuring Bollywood and Bhangra.

Obviously this is a horrible tragedy. But I am using it as an opportunity to note that there are not a lot of ways out of the Hudson River, once you go in. There are not ladders or stairs up the bulkhead. I say this as a way to warn and discourage the teenagers we have in our lives who may be tempted during these summer months…



  1. Definitely a good warning.

  2. All New York City piers should be equipped with ladders and life rings. Recreation has been pushed to the edges and piers have become parkland with frequent talk about getting people to touch the water but with little thought given to public safety.

    • They do have life rings but the current of the Hudson is so so strong it doesn’t really give time to be used. I was at the pier that they and they threw a life ring to the man but he was already too far from the pier :_(