It’s quiet out there…

Where are all the voters? Are they all absentee? Are folks gone for the summer? (That’s actually the polling site at Tweed below — not a soul in sight!)

It could have been early voting, but a teenage friend who has been working the polls all week at BMCC told me it was super quiet there too. The Board of Elections has the tallies — in Manhattan, only 260,000 or so voted early out of our 1.7 million residents. (Quick math on that: 15 percent.) And those numbers were high, relatively. Manhattan kept pace with Brooklyn, which has another 700,000 voters.

Either way, if you haven’t voted yet, it’s an easy stroll do head out now or any time before 9p tonight. Find your polling site here.



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  1. I voted early. I did see many out and about yesterday voting … saw the stickers and heading into sites…in Tribeca and on the UWS…