City Council District 1 initial results for round 1 are in

You’ve likely seen the unofficial results for mayor, with Eric Adams in the lead at 31 percent, and the Board of Elections has all the results up for every race — you can check them yourself here. For CD1, LES resident Christopher Marte is in the lead, with 40 percent of the first-choice votes. Here are the results in order:

  • Christopher Marte | 40.15
  • Jenny Low | 17.45
  • Gigi Li | 15.77
  • Maud Maron | 8.66
  • Susan Lee | 7.80
  • Sean Hayes | 3.76
  • Tiffany Winbush | 3.47
  • Susan Damplo | 1.50
  • Denny Salas | 1.25

The results we are seeing here are the count of the first choice votes, with 99 percent of the votes counted, but not including absentee or affidavit ballots (our district had 2000 absentee ballots returned). To win a candidate needs 50 percent of the total. The way it works from here is the candidate with the lowest number of votes is defeated, and the second choices from each voter whose candidate was defeated are reallocated as if they were first choices. The process is repeated until the top vote-getter of the final two candidates is declared the winner.

On June 29, the Board of Elections will tabulate preliminary RCV elimination rounds and an unofficial Report 1 will be released. That tally will also not include any absentee ballots. The ranking of candidates may continue to change until all absentee ballots are processed. Report 2 will come out on July 6; the last day to report any “cures,” or problems at polling sites; it should all be official by July 12.

But despite all that process, it looks unlikely that any candidate in the CD1 race can unseat Marte with a lead like that.

Looking at the raw numbers, about 20,000 people voted in the council race out of 125,000 registered voters in the district. Marte had about 7500 first-choice votes.

The race for borough president is very close with Mark D. Levine at 28.67 percent and Brad Hoylman at 25.66. That will be one to watch as the results get sorted.

In other races:

  • Jumaane Williams officially won for public advocate with 71 percent
  • Brad Lander leads the comptroller race with 31 percent
  • Alvin Bragg leads the DA race with 33 percent, with Tali Farhadian Weinstein right behind at 31 percent.


  1. Thanks for information and update.

  2. So only 16% of registered voters voted in person. I hope a lot more people voted absentee.

    • Does the 125k include registered voters that are Republican or Independent? Still sounds like a low turnout given the preponderance of registered Democrats in NYC, but makes the numbers slightly less paltry if I’m reading the stats correctly.

      • Independents do not vote in primary elections in NYS. A voter needs to be registered in one of the two parties.

        • Yes. I was just trying to understand whether the 125,000 registered voters referenced above was just Democrats who were eligible to vote in that specific city council race or all registered voters in the district, as we try to understand what the percentage turnout was.

          • That’s the number of registered voters, approximately. I pulled that from some NYC data. It does not break out by party.

  3. and he is for defunding the police. NOT GOOD.

    • if Eric Adams becomes mayor (looks like it) His platform ran on reducing crime so defunding the police will be rhetoric from the past. If somehow Maya Wiley wins, its time to head for the hills, or in most cases in NYC, Florida

      • S, I totally agree 100 percent. I hate that its a close race. They may just cheat and make her win. I don’t trust the system. Its very sad.

        • Stop it with the cheating nonsense because your chosen candidate may not win. I am a poll worker and there is no cheating. We have both electronic and paper backups.

        • “Defund the Police”? “they cheat and make [Maya Wiley] win”? I will admit that “defund the police” is a ridiculous phrase that has been weaponized by Fox News and the far right. Commentors on this thread sound like they’ve lapped up the Fox News Kool-Aid. Marte as well as Wiley from what I’ve read support REFORMING the police and reallocating a portion of their funds — not abolishing them. And from what I’ve seen over many many years, NYPD are in desperate need of reforming. Last fall the police openly supported white supremacy and authoritarianism by endorsing Trump. Anyone in denial about the racist culture of the NYPD need look no further.

          Who is this “they” who are going to “cheat” to “make” Maya Wiley win?

          • KP. I would totally dialogue. I don’t feel safe from attacks talking politics, unfortunately. Let’s hope for the best.

  4. God help us all if Wiley wins. She’ll make DiBlasio look like a right-wing law-and-order crusader.

  5. With Christopher Marte as our City Council member we will have a tireless worker who will continue the work he has done for years to preserve the nature of our unique downtown community, fight over development and preserve and increase affordable housing, work for coastal resiliency, work with local police precincts to address our safety concerns, and communicate with the people of the district.