Anish Kapoor sculpture on hold till travel resumes

I heard back from the folks at 56 Leonard and it turns out the Anish Kapoor sculpture is caught up in its own covid delay: the sculptor’s team is based in London — Kapoor himself is British and lives in London too — and has not been able to travel to the US.

Once UK citizens are allowed back here, the project will resume.

Thanks to the time warp that was the pandemic, I thought it was stalled out even before the advent of the coronavirus, but looking back on posts, things were humming along in December 2019. Here’s a visual summary of the progress to date, starting with the site in 2017; surveying in February 2019; the installation at the end of 2019; the set up today:

January 2017

February 2019

November 2019

November 2019

November 2019

November 2019

November 2019

December 2019

June 2021



  1. The ongoing decades-long saga of Anish Kapoor’s bean (you should pardon the expression), 56 Leonard’s tribulations, the construction failures, the building leaks. It’s all gotten so boring. Art dissolving into pure commodification. And they can’t even get THAT right, and that’s easy.

    • I love the building and the sculpture. I think it is an amazing work of architecture and I am very excited to see the bean finished!

  2. Worst possible location for the Bean under one of the eyesores of New York. AK would come to regret this.

  3. Well that’s good news about “the bean” I guess. it’s been an eyesaw for years, but I’d be much happier to hear that the giant water main DIG tha’s been Worth and Church for years and years and seems to grow even longer as it now inches up the block will be fully covered over some day and has forever made that intersection one tiny lane will end someday SOON.

  4. Flurry of activity in and out of the half-bean today. Yesterday a man on a bike pulled up, as I walked by, and asked the security guard sitting next to the 1/2 bean, when the rest of the bean was coming. The guard said, “Soon,” smiling. Thanks for the hopeful news it may be completed soon TC. A full-bean will be better looking that this boarded up half-bean for sure!