1 White Street opening soon

The folks who have renovated 1 White as a vertical restaurant hosted an open house last night and hope to really open soon — of course they are waiting on the SLA. This is an exciting addition to the neighborhood’s foodie scene, but it is just as exciting to have this sweet building activated again — even if you never walk inside. But you really should.

The place is gorgeous. And if last night’s mood was any indication, the atmosphere will be fab as well. The staff was lovely, the owners were incredibly gracious and the wine and nibbles were just perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a roasted carrot quite that much.

More TK when they open, but for now a short recap: the “downstairs” ground floor will be no reservations, casual, lively, simpler menu; “upstairs” on 2 and 3 will be the six-course fine dining — both from chef Austin Johnson and master sommelier Dustin Wilson. They created their own farm in Columbia County so they could grow what they wanted, how they wanted. Last night’s lettuce cups with dill and tarragon were a prime example. (And those radishes have no filter, I swear.)



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  1. How fun and delicious. Those radishes are gorgeous. Excited for the opening. Been loving peeping in the windows.