Brooklyn Bridge bike lane is coming along

The city said the new bike lanes being built on the Brooklyn Bridge would be done by fall, but it looks like they are most of the way there already.

The two-way bike lane takes up the innermost car lane heading west into Manhattan — two lanes are left for cars. This will remove bikes from the elevated path now and reserve that for peds only.

NB: Cars can no longer take a right onto the bridge from Tillary Street coming off the BQE. Instead you have to make a right a bit sooner on Jay and make the left on Sands to head east up the ramp to the bridge.

And since it has come up that the last time the city made changes to the bridge was when the trolleys were removed, it might be fun to watch this if you have a spare 3 minutes.



  1. What’s the traffic pattern on the Manhattan side? I always stay in that inner lane to make the left onto Chambers.

    • I’ll add that to the post, but you will still be able to make that left onto Chambers; there will just be a timed left turn to allow the bike to go north on Centre.

  2. Which will mean lots more traffic on Jay Street, which has bike lanes on both sides of it to and from Manhattan Bridge…

    Great video find!