Seen & Heard: Bluestone Lane is open

More TK when I have a chance to stop by but here’s a sneak peak of the cafe, which is in the former Summer Day Cafe space on West Broadway and Reade. If you get the app, there’s free coffee for the next five days.

New York Law School has spent the past couple months putting together a Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force to create a business recovery strategy for the neighborhood. Their first meeting is next week. You can follow their work here. The members are:

  • Steve Abramowitz, Odeon Cafe
  • Alice Blank, Manhattan Community Board 1 Vice Chair; A. Blank Architect
  • Sandra Brandan, Counselor at Stuyvesant High School
  • Desmond Brooks, Shopboy Tailor Shop
  • Michael Dorf, City Winery
  • Demetri Ganiaris, Tribeca Alliance; Ganiaris Realty Group
  • David Grubb, Tribeca Alliance; CMIT Solutions, Inc
  • Kendal Khanna, Shopboy Tailor Shop
  • Andreas Koutsoudakis, Tribeca’s Kitchen; Koutsoudakis & Iakovou Law Group
  • Lance Lappin, Lance Lappin Salon
  • Zesty Meyers, R & Company Gallery
  • Paul Mutter, Head of Global Fenics Sales
  • George Olsen, NYC Regional Center
  • David Steingard, Laughing Man Coffee & Tea
  • Lynn Wagenknecht, Odeon Café

Hal Bromm Gallery (which opened in 1975 at 10 Beach, but that’s it’s own story) will show Metamorphosis — a show that focuses on capturing the emotional and psychological experience of the pandemic through color and imagery. Featuring work by 12 artists, the exhibition tells a story of loss, isolation, injustice and change, while simultaneously expressing the excitement and hope for our gradual return to normalcy. Until August 19 at 90 West Broadway.



  1. The Bluestone Lane takeover of Manhattan feels like it has come out of nowhere. There are 4 just in Hudson Yards/Manhattan West. Insane.

  2. A $19.5 mm investment is what’s going on with Bluestone Lane, as well as a connection to the owner of Hudson Yards and several Tribeca rental buildings.

  3. I am ok with Bluestone. Its a bright design and better than dead space. And we have some of that in tribeca and of course throughout the city

  4. The Tribeca Recovery Task Force is a great idea. Looks like members are all business owners. What about a few residents as members to bring a diverse and different perspective?

    • There are residents on that list, though some are also business owners. Lappin, Meyers, Olsen, Dorf, Blank, Ganiaris, Steingard all live in Tribeca — and maybe others that I am not aware of.