Seen & Heard: Oysters get their own condos

Hudson River Park installed reef balls — future homes for oysters — at Pier 32, or the north side of the basin of water north of Pier 26. It’s part of the Billion Oyster Project intended to help clean the city’s waterways. There’s more info here. What would it be called, if the oysters had a marketing team? Tribeca Reef?

I’m relaxed just thinking about it. Nicole Motter, a sound work practitioner and self-described “recovering perfectionist,” will host a sunset sound bath — where she plays the bowls above while the rest of us chill — on the lawn in Rockefeller Park on Saturday, July 17, 7 tp 8p. Bring a blanket or yoga mat and prepare to relax deeply. Motter’s clients include Facebook, Chelsea Market, Vanderbilt University and many others. The event is free, but spots are limited. RSVP here or email ( My favorite lines when she describes a sound bath: “It doesn’t have to be weird. It doesn’t have to be ‘not your thing.’ It’s not anyone’s ‘thing’ — until it is.”

The Corkery at 15 Bridge St. has relaunched its weekly Friday wine tastings (4 to 6:30p). Follow them on Instagram to see what they are pouring.

Community Board 1 will continue to offer a remote meeting option for the public, even though voting members are now required to meet in person. They have reconfigured the meeting spaces to optimize the discussion so that guests who join via WebEx get the full experience — including commenting — and will continue to participate to the same degree that they did when everyone was fully remote. To clarify: the public is absolutely allowed to join in person, but CB 1 members and Public Members who are needed for quorum will get first priority — they will not guarantee access to the room. (So gone are those days where folks practically sat on each other’s laps for the licensing committee meetings.) This from the board” For meetings with larger committees, we will endeavor to secure larger meeting spaces so that more members of the public may be there in person, but the ongoing pandemic severely limits our selection and it will take time for the former meeting areas to become feasible once again. We appreciate your understanding as CB 1 explores how to safely resume in this new normal.”



  1. Wine tastings in FiDi. :-). The Corkery is not in the Seaport. It is on Bridge Street between Whitehall and Broad.