Estancia 460 will expand next door with a more casual bar

Estancia 460, the Argentinian-Italian restaurant opened by local resident Stacey Sosa (with her then-husband) in 1995 and now managed by her son Elias, will take the space next door and convert it into what sounds like a cool, casual lounge. In fact, it sounds like just the kind of place the neighborhood will enjoy. CB1 gave its blessing last month.

The space was most recently The Greek; that closed during the pandemic and owner Tom Galis moved the operation to his other venue, Greca on Washington. Before that it was Turks & Frogs. It’s 1500 square feet and currently buried under the sidewalk bridge there for the hotel being built on the corner, but it’s a sweet space.

The plan is to have a draft beer selection, cocktails and a limited menu to create a low-key, relaxed setting for the 28-to-65-year-old set. (Phew! Made it in.) As Elias said, they hope to attract their current regulars, only without their kids. Hours will be 4 to midnight on the weekdays, 4 to 1a on the weekends.



  1. Great to see a beloved local business doubling down here. Goes without saying that this is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.

  2. I can’t wait for the neighbors start complaining . . .

  3. An awesome addition to the neighborhood! Looking forward to this!

  4. support our small local businesses, so this is good news

  5. Will they let over 65’s in if they carry I.D.??

  6. Great news! I wish them much success. Can’t wait for it to open.

  7. Love this and can’t wait for them to open!

  8. I fully support this expansion and wish them the best. I only hope they can do something about the acoustics un that space. It was impossible to have a conversation in The Greek even though the food was great.