Where on Wall Street? Spooky cocktail soiree coming this fall

Jolene Howard caught this mention on FB: a “spooky Halloween soiree” at a “Wall Street Mansion” queued up for the fall. I’m hoping someone here can solve the mystery of the location. One clue: it was built in 1904.

I’m also not sure how this escaped the Community Board’s licensing committee, since “House of Spirits” is clearly a pun: the $69 price comes with four miniature cocktails. I combed through the CB1 minutes going back a few months and didn’t spot a Wall Street application.

It starts in September, though no clues on how long it runs; ticket holders will be told of the location at a later date. We do know this:

Step inside the House of Spirits — a haunted cocktail soiree that is unlike any other party in town! Freely roam a mysterious mansion and experience a night of themed cocktails, macabre magic, sinister séances, tarot readings, strange roaming specters, live music, hidden secret games, giant Ouija boards and so much more!,,,You are able to control your own level of engagement. You may simply sip cocktails with your friends in a festively macabre environment while enjoying music and magic. Or, you may explore the darker more frightening interactive areas filled with oddities and creatures. There’s a level for everyone!



  1. I have no inside information, but 70 Broad seems like the most likely option. Also known as the American Bank Note Company building, this “mansion” is five stories and always has a “For Lease” sign outside. While technically not on Wall St, in is mere blocks away and within sight of the NYSE.

    • There is NO Mansion on Wall Street that I can think of. The only empty spaces that could possibly work as a venue for this type of event, would be the old Bank of New York and former home of the Museum of American Finance at 48 Wall and the old JP Morgan Branch at 23 Wall, but neither would qualify as a Mansion. 70 Broad, on the other hand could fit the bill, but I have another option.

      The Down-Town Association Building at 60 Pine. It is a (kind of) mansion and they have thrown many a theme party there in the past. I think this may be the spot.

  2. This will be at 60 pine st for sure.
    Space is so cool

  3. My guess, unless the downtown association has vacated 60 Pine, would be India House (1 Hanover Square) as it’s an existing event space.

  4. My guess is the Cocoa Exchange – there are two empty restaurant spaces and it’s “technically” on Wall St.


  5. The Down-Town Association at 60 Pine is in bankruptcy proceedings, so this will be a great revenue source for them. I hope it save them from dissolving.