Scott Geyer, local artist and dog walker, dies at 69

Scott Geyer, a longtime Tribecan whose local dog walking business made him a neighborhood fixture for the past decade and who was also a prolific painter and more recently, a photographer, and had an acting career as well, died on July 15. He was walking one of his charges when he collapsed just inside the door at King’s. The cause was cardiac arrest brought on my coronary artery disease; he was 69.

Scott was known to so many in the neighborhood because of his cheery presence on the streets and his good nature, both with humans and their pets. He and his wife, Vivian Taylor, started the business 10 years ago partly to allow Scott to socialize a bit, since painting can be a lonely occupation. Vivian ran the business and Scott walked the dogs.

“He really enjoyed every minute of it,” Vivian said. “It gave him the opportunity to talk to people and he was so personable.” And they both loved that it was a local business — they moved to Independence Plaza in 1980 and wanted the business to be just for Tribeca. “I set it up so it was a real business, but I wanted it to be homespun — which it was. All of our clients are so wonderful. They are the best, and the dogs, we love them.”

Scott was born in LA but raised in Port Washington on Long Island, and studied fine arts at Franklin College. Painting was his true love, Vivian said, but the two of them both worked in the film industry as well — Scott as an actor and Vivian as a casting director, jobs that took them to LA for seven years at one point. His film career includes roles in Sex and the City (he played the brother of Trey MacDougal, Charlotte’s first husband), Hope & Faith and Law & Order.

He painted all his life, but recently used photography as his artistic outlet and was finding success with it as well. He sold two pieces at a recent group show and had photographs accepted into the respected juried show at The Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio.

“What’s really hideous is he was just hitting his artistic stride,” Vivian said. “You do art because you love art, but when someone wants to buy it, that really makes you feel good. Your painting has a home.”

Scott was also an avid paddler, and was one of the founders of the Downtown Boathouse, now established at Pier 26. But back when he first started paddling in the city, he would toss his kayak (he built two of them himself) over the railing into the Hudson and climb down a ladder on the bulkhead to launch. In more recent years he started paddling Hawaiian outriggers from Pier 66 in Chelsea.

But from my chat with Vivian this morning, I would say perhaps his greatest gift was as a partner and, in later years as it turns out, spouse. The two met in a bar on the Upper East Side, 43 years ago this past June 9. Vivian was 30 and was raising her son, Blake, who was 10 at the time, on her own in the West Village. Scott was 26 and was fresh off the rugby field that day when he came into Ichabod’s for brunch, where Vivian was also eating with a friend. They were together for 40 years from that moment on when they surprised everyone on a boat cruise in the East River by getting married on June 9, 2018. A neighbor from IPN who is a minister performed the ceremony onboard. And the friends from that day four decades ago at Ichabod’s stood up for them at the wedding.

“From the day we met, we never left each other,” Vivian said.

Vivian is not sure what she will do with the business moving forward, though she will likely continue to have dogs overnight and cat sit (“Little Louie the Pug is here now and I feel very comforted. It’s medicine right now.”) It is Scott’s Dog Walking, after all, and doing it without him was never something she considered.

“We are a team — what am I without him?” she said. “He was somebody who gave so much to everybody. And now he’s gone. It’s unreal.”



  1. So sad. A lovely tribute.

  2. Scott will surely be missed. I am a dog owner and neighbor who saw Scott often on the streets of Tribeca. He was always so friendly and would introduce me to his dog he was walking at the time and keep me updated on the neighborhood. I saw Scott from afar about an hour before his death. He was across the street and I figured I’d say hi to him later. He took a really great photo of my dog, Ruby, that I’d love to share. Too young for sure!

  3. Oh no! Friend, neighbor, animal lover. I’m in shock….

  4. We first met Scott when we brought our puppy Luna home back in September 2019. We were having a difficult time adjusting and caring for a new puppy. Scott and Vivian immediately jumped in and helped us care for our Luna. She spent many days and nights there, including the day of Scott’s passing. We referred to Scott and Vivian as Luna’s grandparents. I am still in shock from his passing and think of him (and Vivian) often. May he rest in peace.

  5. My husband and I greatly cared for Scott. We knew him in his many trades and professions. We always had a Chat with he and Vivian. He will be greatly missed. Wherever he is. May god always bless him and keep him safe. Yes I am sad. 🙏🎭💐

    Words are hard to come by. He was the best. A friend, neighbor and a talented artist.

  7. A very sad and shocking loss for all of us who were fortunate enough to know Scott. Sending our condolences to Vivian.

  8. Words fail me regarding this tragedy. Scott was probably the kindest, sweetest man I have ever met. He and Vivian were truly a dynamic duo. They have taken such wonderful care of my late dog Grover and my dog Wally and have become such dear friends over the years. Scott was truly one in a million and all that met him should count themselves lucky. I know I certainly do. Lots of love to Vivian.

  9. I will miss our baseball talks about the Yankees, we would talk about 10-15 minutes analyzing them. He was a wonderful guy !

  10. Sooo sorry to hear this tragic news, he was a great guy our heartfelt condolences to Vivian

  11. I keep repeating “ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG” to try to understand that Scott is no longer with us. I had the honor of being his neighbor/ friend for many years. He always had a smile and something kind to say. He was a bright light to so many people and dogs in the neighborhood . His heart was as big and tall as he was. His presence will live on in my heart and his spirit will continue to grace us in his neighborhood. Hugs to amazing Vivian, you were truly soulmates. Know that you are loved and Scott is forever watching over you.

    • Scott was such a kind and caring man – together with Vivian, they showed tremendous love and affection to our dog Maddie (and us as well)!. To actually have Maddie be excited to be picked up by either of them was such a great feeling and a testament to their warmth and kindness. Scott will be missed but not forgotten. And of course our thoughts and love go out to Vivian – she always has a big smile and kind words to all of the two and four-legged Tribeca neighbors!

  12. I just heard the news about Scott “I am shocked ”. He was our Stitches dog walker, he was very loving and caring to our Stitch. When our Stitch passed away he comforted me and my husband.

    Scott gave us photos of Stitch which he had taken during those times that he walked stitch. He told us that our boy is waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. Scott was one of a kind loving his dogs on walks. He mentioned to us that he loved walking his dogs. My thoughts go out to Vivian. Rest In Peace Scott give Stitch a good walk as always.

  13. Oh no, just seeing this news of Scott’s passing. It feels unreal. Scott was such a cheerful presence in our neighborhood. Our dog Georgia would always run toward him, when our paths crossed. He always stop to say hello and catch up on current events. I would pass out Scott & Vivian’s number to every new dog owner I met. Vivian, our sincere condolences. Our hearts break for your loss. 🙏Prayers to Scott in Heaven. Let us know if you need a helping hand with anything. 💔

  14. I am so moved by the many comments here about my dear friend Scott. I knew how as an actor and a painter. I didn’t know much about him as a dog walker. Clearly he brought as much kinds and consideration and affection to that side of him as he did to everything I knew about him. I feel so fortunate as to have been his friend for many years. I love looking at one of his paintings every day. I really miss him.

  15. A flame has gone out in Tribeca. One half of the most wonderful couple has gone to heaven. We will all miss Scott so very much and my heart goes out to dear dear Vivian. Boudreaux will miss his special friend

  16. My heart broke when I got the news that we lost Scott. He was one of my very first friends when I moved to NYC in 1978. I remember nights in Icabods and the “Hatter” with Scott and Vivian, all the crazy production days and early calls and Klondike Bars. His infectious smile and laughter will leave a big hole in so many hearts. I am just so glad that we reconnected recently. RIP Roo. You were just the best!

  17. Scott and I attended the same High School, Paul D, Schreiber. We not in the same classes so I sadly never got to know him. Years later I met him at Randalls Island Golf center., where I was teaching golf at the time. After Scott hit his bucket we spoke about the last 15 years, I remember someone telling me that Scott was acting in Los Angeles and for whatever reason he decided to move to New York.He said he was looking for acting work and had a part in an off broadway play , I can’t remember ithe name of it. I did attend and enjoyed it very much !
    I had heard that he was a photographer and artist and recently saw his work on line, beautiful imagination I wished I had known about his talent at that time. We also saw one another at our class reunions , danced a bit and talked, it was always nice to see him there..He made his appearance and left shortly thereafter.

  18. I am so saddened to hear this, though I only knew Scott briefly and distantly. I saw his plaque on a bench in the dog park. My girlfriend and I saw and conversed with Scott at the Tribeca dog park every morning while we walked our dog, Olive. He was usually accompanied by a lab called Marlo and Coco the doodle at that time. We often said to each other after encounters with Scott that when we were forced into the office full time, we’d HAVE to get him take on Olive. Clearly, he cared for the dogs he walked, evidenced by the sore elbow he must have developed throwing the doodle’s favorite ball thousands of times every day.

    I read a short story not long ago about a dog walker in New York, “Sir Henry” by Lydia Millet The main character bares little resemblance to what I knew of Scott– where he is stern and formal, Scott seemed sunny and easy going. Still, it is a good story, and the subject matter and love for dogs reminds me of our neighborhood dog-walker. As I said, we didn’t know Scott so intimately, but I think our sadness of this news speaks to the quality of the person. Vivian, condolences for your loss.

  19. Omgoodness. 💔💦 yesterday, I saw the notice to celebrate Oct 13th in my building’s lobby. I just had to search further. I was unaware Scott passed away in July. He was such i nice man. Always said hello to me with a smile. He will be missed by many.

    To Vivian,
    Hope you see this. I’m not well, otherwise I would attend Oct 13th to celebrate his life. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

  20. He was the kind of neighbor I was always delighted to run into. Friendly and sweet as pie. We would talk about theater and what was happening in the hood. I miss him.

  21. Vivian my heart goes out to you I and your loss of Scott.
    We who knew him in the dog walking world. As a friend and colleague know
    He was the best human
    I have ever known. His warm
    personality to dogs and
    people alike.
    I remember the first time
    I met him 10 years ago.
    He was always helpful
    and light-hearted.
    Scott please know you are
    loved and respected and
    never replaced. Will always be
    In my heart
    Vivian, I never received
    the notification of the
    Memorial. If you need
    anything please let me
    know. I will be there
    for you.

  22. I met Scott in seventh grade at Souza Junior High having just moved to Port from LA. He had a Hobie skateboard and I thought that was really cool. We did a photo shoot for S&H Green Stamps and another at Gilgo Beach for Fiat. I happened to meet up with him at the Indianapolis airport while attending different colleges in Indiana and had a great flight home. Good memories of a really nice friend! Too young my friend. Too young.