Where in Tribeca?

Sure, there’s a fire hydrant on every block but none are quite this shiny. Where is it?

…And at least this time I made Sonia run around the block. I spotted this one on West Street, in front of Citi headquarters.



  1. There are several of these red fire hydrants all over however there is only one shiny and newly painted like this and it is located on the corner of Hubert and Greenwich Street in front of the Citi-Bank building, regards, Sonia S.

  2. Hmm, thanks for your response, well there are three red fire hydrants that surround Citi-Bank, All three nicely painted, the other two are on the West Side Highway between North Moore and Hubert Street. I believe this one by looking at the line in the pavement is the one closest to Hubert Street on the West Side Highway just in front of one of the lovely seating areas that Citi-Bank provides for the public? regards, Sonia S.