In the News: Tribeca as a staycation

The Times has a new series called “What to Do This Summer” and Lower Manhattan was this week’s entry. (They did Chicago last week.) Julie Besonen toured Battery Park City, Tribeca and the Seaport, and was nice enough to take some of my recommendations. She did it right, if you ask me.

It was also satisfying to read about the neighborhood from an outsider’s view and this line reminded me how lucky we are to live here: “Nearer to the water’s edge, winding pathways lined with lush greenery give way to the full spectrum of New York Harbor — and it’s breathtaking.” It is!

In Tribeca she recommended Pier 25 mini golf and the Grand Banks; a tour of the galleries; The Odeon, Mudville and Frenchette, plus Frenchette Bakery; the Roxy’s Django for music and movies.