Sushi of Gari is closed for renovations

I thought Sushi of Gari looked permanently closed this week — it was completely dark on a Saturday night — but the website says that location is shut down till October for renovations. I’ve asked to get details and no response yet, so I hope they do return to that prominent corner. Will update if I learn anything.

If you are a big fan, they have three other locations open: East 78th Street for pickup and delivery; Gari Columbus for dine-in; Sushi of Gari 46 for dine-in. See more intel here.

The restaurant opened here 2012 as the fifth in their local chain, replacing Bouley Upstairs.



  1. Is tinys also closed for renovations? I noticed black paper over the windows and no outside tables anymore.

  2. I saw yesterday that Tiny’s was closed :( There is a permit for kitchen work on the door and I checked their website, says they’ll be back in August. I worry when places close for renovations, it’s often closing for good, but the permit gives me hope.