In the News: The last bank leaves Wall Street

The Seattle Times (odd, but yes) reports that 60 Wall will be empty when Deutsche Bank relocates to its new offices at One Columbus Circle (which has been renamed Deutsche Bank Center). “The 47-story skyscraper will soon be empty. And with its days as a single-tenant headquarters likely over, the landlord has undertaken an overhaul that will cost at least $250 million in a bid to lure several companies when the space eventually hits the market.” Of course the move has been in the works since 2018, but the pandemic accelerated it.

Turns out the subject of the Netflix show “My Unorthodox Life” — Julia Haart — is a neighbor. The Times Q&A is a good read. She fled from an arranged marriage and life in an ultraorthodox community to a life as a fashion mogul. “From Tribeca loft to Hamptons palace to French chateau, Haart and her children offer a high-fashion, low-restraint look into their opulent lives and varied religiosity.”

YIMBY reports that the Aloft hotel at 50 Trinity Place has topped out. The building is 28 stories, 81,000 SF, 173 keys and located at the southwest corner of Trinity Place and Rector Street.

The president of Pace University, Marvin Krislov, has an op-ed in the Daily News about the importance of requiring vaccination for students. “The numbers are less impressive among the college-aged. Statewide, only about 55% of those aged 16 to 25 have received one dose, and only about 49% are fully vaccinated. Colleges and universities have a unique role as educators, as community leaders, and frankly as good neighbors to help ensure everyone around us is protected.”



  1. Will the moving of the Deutsche Bank offices include removing the subtle memorial plaque near the fountain in the front atrium? Hope not,

  2. The move says more about Deutsche than about Wall Street, really. They had to downsize their office because their US business has been on the decline for years, from a combination of their own misconduct and disadvantages which have affected all foreign banks trying to do business here. There are plenty of layoffs which have occurred over the past years and they no longer could justify such a massive building. It would be sad, but then again, it’s Deutsche…

  3. Bravo to Pace for pushing for vaccines. More college kids need to get them.

  4. This is old news. Deutsche Bank announced it was leaving long ago and when they went remote during the pandemic they simply never came back. This is actually great news as FiDi continues its transformation and diversification away from finance and more into TAMI tenants. The tower will be gut renovated, which it sorely needs after 30 years as a single tenant user and the hideous lobby will be transformed into a much more inviting public space.

  5. Watched the first episode of “My Unorthodox Life” and spent most of the time trying to guess which building their three story apartment was in. It wold flash Tribeca and then the street would be in SoHo or Greenwich Village or Hudson Square. She is quite a character!